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5/19/2019 c23 15Charmpanda
I’m wondering how Violet is functioning with a bomb in her chest. Seriously, learning that was jarring. You really “dropped a bomb” on me with that one. *maniacal laugher* I’m hilarious. Violet’s so mean. “I wish you would've Died that day.” Who between earth and hell alike could actually say that? Das the devil right there. That’s so mean! All right, I’ve tolerated Violet ... until now. That’s so mean! Explode! EXPLODE! If Eskel were evil like Cray, then fine. FINE! But he isn’t! I wonder what Eskel will do now. Geez. All these sad backstories ... I’m going to cry. Agony, suicide, and abuse ... they’re such sensitive subjects. Constant doses of them I ... I can’t. I have no comment on the matter. Poor creatures. Gale. Really shoulda gotten help Home Boy. Ya. Really. Should’ve. Gotten. Help. Can he change? I doubt it. I think the better question is can he be forgiven? NO! YES! MAYBE! It depends. Poor Fable. Cute name, if I didn’t already mention. I’m kinda curious about Juniper’s company. The old wake up with water trick. Go Kirron and Bryson. Excited to see what everyone’ll Do now. Great job, and keep up the good work. :)
4/18/2019 c22 12Pandore Hart
Two chapters fill with strong emotions and sadness. I'm so sad for Eskel who wanted to die, but now he looks much better
It's so reassuring :)
Brooklyn is just too cute ! A real little angel! Same for Emily with her little cat, and Gizmo is a name too cute ! (It reminds me of the movie: Gremlins) And my adorable Jiro still has his character that makes me happy
In any case, these two chapters were incredible, I was delighted to read them (forgiveness of the delay, I have a lot of problems right now) Especially continues and updates soon. Big kiss
4/17/2019 c22 15Charmpanda
Hi, good chapter :) And it was long too.
Apparently Raven and Kirron are totally okay with Gismo’s existence, but whatever joy he brought Emily is gone now because she wants to see her sister. My goodness, happiness is just to be a fleeting thing in this story. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t sneak off to go see Lily anyways. Well, hopefully she’ll be able to feel better someway or another. I’m glad Eskel no longer wants to kill himself. It’s good that Brooklyn was able to steer him away from that useless idea with some partying and drinking. Not my way of choice to get happy, but each to their own. Speaking of, I wouldn't try in keep Emily’s survival from my family, cause no matter what they’d strangle me if I were in Lily’s position. The situation is really sticky, so I’m curious to see how that’ll turn out. I wonder what Eskel’s up to now.
Well. I don’t have much else to,say, so good job and keep up the good work,.
4/11/2019 c21 Charmpanda
Hi, good job! :D
Everything with Emily and Raven at the pet shelter was great, and it’s nice to see Oliver make his appearance. Really Raven? Ya just gonna force that cat on Kirron? In his current situation? Not even gonna call and ask first? Anyways, Emily is so cute with all her cats. I can so imagine her just laying there covered in cats and their fur! And it’s good that they received more info on Willow, though I don’t know how files on old subjects will help with finding Valerian. If I were Emily, I wouldn’t accept that invitation Lily gave her.
Aaaaaagggggggghhhhhh, you know? I really don’t do well with dramatic sorrow and suicide. But poor Eskel, poor poor Eskel. I’m super worried about him. I do hope he’ll be all right, though he seems pretty sure of himself. I hope Violet doesn’t hurt him more for this. Great works As always I await the next chapter with unbelievable eagerness.
4/2/2019 c20 12Pandore Hart
Hey Hey :)
This is a most interesting chapter. Mei is just too cute ! * - * I also loved Violet and Eskel exchanging a kiss though, and I admit that the bad side of Violet to her charm :)

The scene between Jiro and Lily was a real pearl to read. I loved Very good chapter
Looking forward to having the next, updates soon
4/1/2019 c20 15Charmpanda
Wow! I feel like it’s been years since I’ve read your writing.
For you, this chapter was incredibly long, and busy. I liked it. Generally I just think you did a good job with everything. Mei is really adorable. Like, she’s really cute. Jasper is Mister now, and he can be as rough as he wants, oh yes! All right, I’m done being weird. But I liked the passage with Mei and the Collins siblings. Not how I expected we’d meet them. A plane ticket costs a heck of a lot of money. Best of luck love.
ESKEL! *cradles him and refuses to let go* Poor Baby. Violet’s evil, taking advantage of innocence like that. I hope the former and Valerian will be okay, with a dominatrix like Violet around. Emily and her priceless puns. I have actually heard the investigator pun before. :)
Willow and Eden, Angels that need to be protected. The passages with Lily anf Jiro were fun reads. Things are really cooking now, with Remy’s existence and Violet’s schemes. I wonder what’ll happen next. Good job.! Keep it up, and update soon! :D
3/14/2019 c19 Charmpanda
Hello, good two chapters.
I’m sorry I didn’t leave a review on the last chapter. It was an accident. It was good too. It was nice to see how everyone escaped Lacrima. Though I didn’t expect Kirron’s plan to take such a nosedive. I’m really in his shoes as of late. Really, I just want to cry for him. Well, at least he has Emily and his cats, and Bryson. Well, I had assumed Bell had a good reason for remaining with Gale. Nnnnnnnnn. He makes for a great antagonist. Eskel and Violet are so violent geez, and they’re so awful to each other. God!
Well, excellent job! It’s nice to see where everyone is now and the disturbing history behind Gale’s like for Emily. Lacrima’s Rather empty now, and where’d Eden go? Pray for Valerian!
Excellent work with these two chapters! I look forward to what’s to come! Update soon! :D
3/10/2019 c18 12Pandore Hart
Another excellent chapter today . What Emily suffered because of Gale hurt my heart *-*. Suffering such cruelty is so sad for her ... Poor Emily * hugs * I hope it'll be better for her .
Sincerely, I very much appreciate Eskel, I find him very cute, I can't wait to find out more soon

Anyway, very good job And updates soon okay? * - *
3/7/2019 c17 15Charmpanda
Halloh! :)
Good chapter. It was a fine read, but it took a lot of turns that I didn’t expect. It was quick paced and active too, kind of wish it hadn’t ended. Well, good job witheverything. The stuff with Lily and Valerian was super cute. I’m glad I finally know what really happened to Emily and Lily’s relationship. HA! I KNEW VALERIAN HAD PROJECTED HER AND HER SISTER! I KNEW IT! Well, hopefully he can make it again for her. That joke about him being a masochist was cute. And really funny cause Valerian is slightly msdchistic, though not in a way one would think.
Jiro’s Here! All right! :D
Okay, Kirron has enacted his plan. I got real excited when it started, therefore I was very disappointed when it fell so quickly. Goodness Gale, the amount you like to torture Emily and Eskel is unsettling. You have a wife, hook up with her. Emily could get pregnant if you carry out your deed ya know? Haven’t you already cursed this child enough?
Eden, you agreed to let Gale have his way so long as Vanemy was unharmed! Well, sne’s Clearly been harmed, so dethrone that guy!
Okay, super excited to see what’s next. Especially simce Eskel just vowed to kill Eden. You go Boy. No, I really don’t want Eden to die. Good job! Update soon! :)
3/4/2019 c17 12Pandore Hart
Whoooo the chapter was so intense What a joy to read it. Poor Emily I'm sad for her, I hope everything will be better soon for her :) * cuddle her *
The scene between Jiro and Eskel was just excellent, a pure joy to read :)

It was really a good chapter Especially continues and updates soon okay?
2/23/2019 c16 15Charmpanda
Oh and there it is! :)
Nice work Love. This was an extremely depressing, but very well done chapter. I honestly don’t know what to say. Eskel, oh my dear sweet angel Eskel. My poor baby. Hearing every thing that happened to him picked my heart apart. Thanks. Guuuuuuuggggghhhhh, Eskellllllll! Poor thing! No wonder he is so messed up. That boy, has been through more than anyone should have to suffer. Stitches being ripped out, an extra round of magenta, being forced to beg Sir Fale? Um, hhhhhh. Wow. I’m speechless. I mean, that’s just awful. Why does Gale have such a particular taste for his pain anyway?
Gale. My god. Why? He is, malevolent. How low must you feel to betray someone that loves you? Oh, and Jiro’s here. :)
Well, things have taken a real dark turn. But, I’m excited to see what’ll happen next. What will happen to Lacrima and its subjects now that Gale’s in charge? And Eskel? What will go on with Eden and Vanemy? And, what’s Kirron’s idea?
Keep up the good work, and update soon?
2/23/2019 c16 12Pandore Hart
Heya Wow, the chapter was intense today but it was a real treat for me. I absolutely loved everything in this chapter Nice work.
And I'm so happy that my little Jiro has finally arrived in history
Update soon especially I can't wait to hear more :)
2/19/2019 c15 15Charmpanda
Huh well, that was dark.
OH MY GOD! Them police are making me so mad! You don’t just discard lives for money, especially if you’re meant to protect people! Stupid, stupid police! Grrrrrrr! The Beaumont brothers must be the richest people in the universe. Shoot!
And with that out of the way, splendid job. :) I liked the chapter. Thought I hoped it’d be longer. Dang, Vanemy just looks like everybody. No, but really, Eden is so cute with her. I love their not biological father-daughterish relationship. Beach seen was precious, and Vanemy lugging around an intoxicated Eden is too adorable. :)
Willow is honestly a sweetheart. Protect this angel. He has been through too much.
All right Gale. *puts a hand on his shoulder* I know you’ve been through some real rough stuff.. and that your father sucks.. and that you think there’s nothing wrong with you. But ripping out someone’s stitches is about as evil as skinning someone alive. So please, reframe. Seriously Silver, hearing he did that tore up my whole world. My. whole. world. Like, how does one simply just rip out another person’s stitches? How? And since we’re on the subject of morbid deeds, let’s address Papa Beaumont attacking his children with a FIRE POKER! All right, he [wanted] kids, so what the Devil is he doing? I is confuse-ed. Once again, poor Beaumont brothers. Male them too me. I’ll take great care of the poor babies. In turn I’ll trade you ... Cray. :p. Jokimg aside, I feel awful for the boys. Wish I was there to hold and console them. I think Papa Beaumont and Onéuu would be great friends. They’re both cruel, benighted, and both they love torturing people. Oh wait, but Mr. Beaumont is a sadist and Cray is a sadist too, but only for Spandel and things that make Spandel happy. Could you imagine the two of them having a conversation?
Mr. Beaumont: No kidding? You hung your nephew from the rafters in your living room blindfolded, and naked, just so you could carve randomly into his skin with a twelve inch knife?
Cray: *nods*
Mr. Beaumont: Impressive. I attacked my children with a fire poker.
Cray: Clever. Though I tend to go for the long lasting agony, dislocating or injuring a bone and then chaining him in a position that strains that bone for example.
Mr. Beaumont: I think you could teach the subjects at Lacrima a thing or two.
Cray: Sounds fine, if I were only interested. I alreadu work for Keizer. And since Spandel isn’t here, there really is no point in working here.
Mr. Beaumont: Someone’s obsessed.
... wow, I’ve gotten really off topic. Okay well, good job. It’s sad to hear of the Beaumont brothers’ past and their insane father. Hopefully Eden and Willow can be free of it some day. And Gale? Gals just needs some help. A whole universe of help. I loved everything with Vanemy and Eden, looking forward to more of them.
I’m really hyped for the next chapter. I hope you can update again tonight. You’ve been on a roll! Good job, and update soon please!

That scene was precious too :D
2/18/2019 c14 12Pandore Hart
From what I read, I find the story really very interesting and exciting. :) Good work.
I liked this chapter with Emily, and also the mention on my character: Jiro ! I can't wait to see it happen in history, and especially if you have questions, do not hesitate to come and ask me questions
Good work :)
2/17/2019 c14 15Charmpanda
YES! Valerian’s finally got his powers! :D I wonder if the image he produced means anything?
Aside from that I don’t have much to say. Good work though. It seemed like a wrap up chapter. It’s Nice that Emily’s getting help. That statement that lady said was nice. Aw, Gale is married after all. I’m just going to assume Bell isn’t insane and has a logical reason for loving him. Excited for what’s next. Update soon. :)
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