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5/19 c9 2DarkCrono915
Cool chapter with some interesting developments! I am intrigued and following the story! Keep up the good writing.
5/19 c8 DarkCrono915
This chapter had a real "Breakfast Club, the kids bond in detention" vibe...it never resolved why there wasn't a teacher watching the kids in detention...and maybe it will in the next chapter, or not. Either way is fine!
5/19 c7 DarkCrono915
Am I the only one that thinks something is up with Professor Romano? Either he is just a nice teacher OR something more sinister! Maybe he's the 6th super powered person...idk, but we'll find out!
5/19 c6 DarkCrono915
Uh oh! Classic teenage drama...but with super powers!
5/19 c5 DarkCrono915
Oh, who is this 6th individual? I am guessing the antagonist of the story. Exciting stuff!
5/19 c4 DarkCrono915
Interesting character development here. It will be interesting to see what happens now that all the teenagers are gathered together!
5/19 c3 DarkCrono915
Interesting! The question is, are these military people good or evil? Only time will tell! My bet is not good.
5/19 c2 DarkCrono915
Interesting description of all the characters and their interactions in high school! A lot of directions can come from this. I think my favorite relationship was between the cheerleader and her rival, "2nd best" cheerleader.
5/19 c1 DarkCrono915
An interesting start! I'm going to keep reading.
4/9/2019 c1 LDF
[She wore camouflage and had badges decorating her shirt.]

This is a really awkward way to say she's military.

["We are doing our best Doctor. Just keep doing your research and find out why this is going on. We can't have anymore super freaks running around." Lieutenant Rhodes said.]

If there’s a speech verb, it’s not considered the start of a new sentence, so there should be a comma rather than a period inside the quotes.

[They're abilities]

They're is short for 'they are'.

It really just sounds like an X-Men clone so far.

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