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for The Chronicles of the Universal knights: knights of the lost empire

11/22/2019 c20 4T8ECR34T0R
Fighting the good fight is definitely their area of expertise, and now it’s good to see that they’re able to go and fight another day. And that they’ve gained a new friend.
11/7/2019 c17 T8ECR34T0R
Now the adventure continues for this expanded team. Good luck goes to Meili and her group, and the others still.
5/26/2019 c2 Storyteller Angel
I don't want to be rude but, while reading there were some grammar and spelling mistakes that will help make your story better. I believe the word falling must be in this sentence "Isaiah, falling the dark abyss..." Two must be changed to "too" in this sentence "yeah me two". While reading when Isaiah and Ethan there fighting with a group of soldiers there were some uppercase and lowercase problems like "Vertical, Gunman, Footman" that do not follow the other lowercase letters. Use Grammarly it catches writing and spelling mistakes.
5/25/2019 c1 Storyteller Angel
Nice prologue. Right into the action, I like it. While reading there were misspelled words and grammar mistakes. The first sentence in the story the word "the" must be "them". Eric supposed to say "if I was faster I probably.." not "if was faster I probably". I believe Traverse Town must capitalize it is the name of a location. Should "the man falls down" be in lower case.

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