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for Of Man and Gods - Seeds of the Alliance

5/14/2019 c12 4Andrew Hallgarth
Now that things seem to be slowing down a bit, passage of time-wise, I feel that I'm starting to understand Zeus a little better. It is interesting to see how the greek "gods" came to be in this alternate history.
Some good stuff.
4/9/2019 c4 Andrew Hallgarth
It's kinda fascinating to see how things are developing and changing for all the different races and how it doesn't quite all go to plan. I believe I can confidently say that all but humans will die out.

Fun fact: Cyclops myth formed due to elephant skulls. The hole for the trunk was misidentified as an eye socket.
4/8/2019 c1 Andrew Hallgarth
Very interesting start. I was on the lookout for Earth to show up throughout the first book, but by the end, it was clear that it wasn't about that but about the rise and fall of all these civilisations. Looking forward to how this alternate pre-history story evolves and develops. Just to add, I got the impression from the first story that the son was either telling the story from our own future, so it will be interesting on seeing how it all comes together.

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