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for The Bengali Phantom

7/31/2020 c1 2MV Kramer
This story was well-written, evocative, and quite satisfying. You captured Bose's desire to free India perfectly, as well as his deep anger. It was very satisfying when he killed Wilberforce. I also liked how you had an Indian team up with the Irish, people from two countries mistreated by the British allied with each other. I love stories about the struggle against colonialism.
4/27/2019 c1 9Mislav
Pretty exciting and intense story, very vivid, with great characterization and attention to details. You described the protagonist's state of mind, his rage as well as his meticulous planning, so well. I'm actually glad that he got away with it. It's good that he found that woman's necklace too; things really came full circle. Wilberforce's secret, despite what had already been revealed about him, was shocking and horrific. What a sadistic creep. The story actually read like a true, genuine account of the historic event. All the historical information and tidbits featured in the story were accurate. I also really liked this remark: "He was quite dead, and hopefully would be reincarnated into a cockroach." LOL Keep up the great work, you are really talented.

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