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for A Cut Above

9/20/2019 c1 9Mislav
Very intense and interesting story. You captured quite a lot of character development and details in 1k words, and the first half was especially exciting and action-packed. Quite the beginning: a robot awakens after a deep "sleep" on a space ship that is about to crash, and has to save the day. Well, he sure did. I also liked your description of the space ship, really detailed and investing, you painted a clear, interesting and admirable picture there. And thermal chainsaw sounds like a very cool weapon. That black octopus-like monster was pretty creepy and disgusting. I'm glad that the protagonist managed to kill it, though it put up a lot of fight. I didn't expect that ending. I also liked the twist with the inhabitants of that new planet being human beings/astronauts that had crashed there years ago. This line made me LOL, though it was a great conclusion: "That was how I became the world's robot warlord." Keep up the great work. I really liked reading this story.
4/26/2019 c1 Julian Webb
Really good short story, I liked it a lot! Thank you for writing!

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