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4/17 c15 15Charmpanda
Hi, I’m so sorry. I know you posted this like twelve years ago. I saved it as a tab and never got back to it. I’ve been so dang busy lately. I’m feeling really awful today, and with nothing to do, I thought I’d finally catch up on a few things. Anyways, I really liked this story. It’s always nice to read something with Kirron and Emily. I haven’t done anything with our characters in so long, I’m gonna cry. Poor Emily. It really is a shame she’s so frightened of the ocean. The ocean is so lovely, especially at night, and she can only look at it with fear. I can relate a little. I get nervous around sharp tools y’know, after reading a hundred different biographies of Louis Braille. It’s a good thing Emily has Kirron watching over her. Ahh, I nearly forgot that baby was claustrophobic. Awwwww. Thanks for remembering for me. This was super adorable. Thanks for writing, and thanks for being patient with me. :). Can’t wait to read more from you.
3/19 c14 Charmpanda
Awwwwwwww, my heart! Yeah, bout time I start reviewing! Oh my god this was so sweet! It’d actually inspired a new scene for the chapter in Spandel’s story I’m writing, so thanks a bunch Cheesecake. This ending here was nothing short of perfect. I appreciated every bit of it, most especially Eskel’s raw emotion. It shows that recovery is hard, darkness persists, and that times are just impossible to deal with. It’s incredibly real, and very relatable. I can say the same for Valerian in equal measure. I understand his worry. I worry like that for so many people. And yeah, Gale’s haughty oily character makes for such a fun array of opportunity. But let’s get real, pretty much all creep antagonists are fun. They provide so much deliciously uncomfortable entertainment. I have Cray and Kaké for the Spandel Installment, so I’ll have to sprinkle in a few creeps for my second novel. It’s hard to pick a favorite part of this chapter. I really enjoyed the minutiae of the mental and emotional aspects, Eskel’s spacing out and his impulsivity. Of course I loved the end. Like, the tears and exchanges of emotion. So warm my heart melted, so sweet my teeth fell out. And for Valerian to remind Eskel of what an awesome kid he is? Aaaaaaagggghghhhhhh! No words can describe! Agh, great job sister. No amount of praise will equate to how well done this was, from beginning to end, from descriptions to dialect, from emotion to action. I’m blown away.

Oh, and congrats on actually finishing something, which is more than what I can say for myself. :)
12/3/2019 c13 Charmpanda
I have to start with this one, cause it hit me the hardest. Again, I’m marrying Emerson. He’s so sweet and mature about things, looking out for Eskel even though he’s been through quite a bit himself. As a big sister, I commend his abilities as a big brother. He kinda reminds me of a character I have in The Tale of Awromott. Really all of Eskel’s family is sweet. I think Sabastian is very kind and I just love Sasha so much. I wonder, even if they did have evidence, would they put Gale away? Rape culture in women is controversial at best, and in males it’s pretty much nonexistent. Anyways, it tore my heart in two to hear the news after Valerian had just gotten Eskel to smile. But. I’m warmed to know you’ve got Valerian’s protective element nailed. Eskel may not know it, but he’s Valerian’s only friend to, so he’ll do his best to keep him safe. I’m dying to see where this goes, so update soon.
I’d Kill for You:
This one was freakin’ adorable. I just love Eskel to death, and oh my gods Lily’s banter with that man was just wonderful! She is blessed to have such a quick tongue. It was nice to see Eskel’s little protective streak as well. “Consider me your second boyfriend.” That was precious, and I’m briefly entertaining the idea of polyamory between those three. Imagine how hectic things’d be. Well done Love.
I’m just gonna say now, it was nice to see Lily’s insecurities. Valerian and herself are such closed off little babies, so it’s nice to see them work things out and help each other out. BTW I love Eskel’s way of speech. He speaks like he’s from the UK. All he needs is an accent and a few sayings like, “over egging the pudding” and “spend a penny.” :)
Excellent work! So much crap has happened, I haven’t had much time to write at all. This story really made me miss our characters. I hope to get writing soon, and I hope I hear from you soon. Thanks for writing this Cheesecake. Update soon!
10/31/2019 c12 Charmpanda
Hello hello! :)
You know what I liked most about these two stories? For once, Spandel is the one comforting the siblings as opposed to the other way around. Jasper isn’t clingy, he’s needy. There’s a difference, and I usually favor needy characters. I’m relatively needy myself, so I can relate to them. Plus it’s just a cute concept, like sweet tooth, sleepiness, and food loving. Sooooo cute. In any case, very good job. I love Brooklyn’s Strong personality, and her vulnerable side too. I think they make her a well rounded character. I always feel really bad when she’s upset, but it was nice for her and Spandel to have a moment. Soon, she’ll have Eijan to protect her along with Jasper and Spandel. It sounds like Dean needs some counseling as well. To be honest, I’d attack him too. See, as I said, you had nothing to worry about. You did a fine job with Spandel’s complex way of speech. What a beautiful voice he has. Well done. I love it when he and Jasper get physical. You write it so well, and it makes me feel so ignorant to the impact of romantic contact in comparison. I loved their conversation too. They were a couple working things out. “Consider it an oath on Syomian’s hand.” Makes me wanna get back to writing my novel.
That was by far, my most rambly and nonsensical review ever, but I really enjoyed this chapter. Excellent work, and I look forward to the Valerian Eskel stuff.

9/24/2019 c11 Charmpanda
I LOVED THIS SOOOOOOO MUCH! I’m soooooooo jealous of your ONESHOT abilities! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhh! You’re so good at them. Officially, so far, this is my favorite set! I just adored all of them!
Seduction: Awwwwwww, loved it! Start to finish! I loved Emily shopping with Brooklyn and Raven to surprise Kirron. Honestly, corsets scare me too. They seem so uncomfortable. Yes, Kirron does like red. I actually know quite a bit about lingerie, cause Pandore loves it. I think your description of what Emily was wearing was really well done. I could imagine it very well. And Kirron’s reaction was so perfect. He wins again! I think Emily would have to visit a sexologist in order to seduce Kirron successfully. She’s so awkward with it! So cute! I think Kirron loves it more than I do! Awwww, just ... AWESOME JOB!
Bug: Lily and Valerian have something in common. Lots of legs is a big no! Seriously, centipedes are disgusting. Blah! This was cute. I loved imagining silent Lily just shrieking to the top of her lungs. You know? This same thing happened to my mom Sunday. I was just sitting in my room and heard her howling in the bathroom from her shower. When I came to investigate, she told me to go get my dad to kill the monster of a gecko that had gotten into the bath. :D. I feel like I have to make a part 2 to this now.
Trapped: Sooooooo precious! My heart melted! The, “We make a pretty good family” quote, Oh my god I just adored it so much! I melted. Your friend is now a pile of mush. Chris And Vanemy were made for each other. Please tell Chris I’m sorry for abbreviating his name, but I don’t feel like writing it out right now. I’m THAT lazy. Aw, but they are soooooo cute. I loved the conversation they had. It was really genuine and heartfelt. Chris truly is a baby. The extremes he will go to for sweets is too cute.
Support: I thought; that after literally being caught and put on trial, would perhaps nullify Gale’s innate sexual gravitation. But nope; I was wrong. Of course I was wrong. Gale’s an incubus. He needs his libido stimulated. And who needs Belle when he’s got Eskel and Emerson? Or is it more of a power thing? Some people just do that stuff to gain dominance and control. Gale, you’ll always be a mystery to me. Oh, he’s really creepy though. He says really off-putting things. Like, eessh! Despite this, I find him pretty entertaining. Nice closet scene. Poor Eskel. This kid is just in constant discomfort, and Valerian can’t do much about it. Oof. I’m marrying Emerson by the way. I really appreciate Sasha. She reminds me of my mom. I’m eager to see what happens in this little series.
That’s what I’m afraid of: Between the fluff and the steam of this one, I don’t know what to make of myself. I am definitely more than just a pile of mush. Yes, now I am a tower of mush! Couch scene ... I loved it. You can really feel the passion between those two. Ehee! Jasper’s an absolute doll when sleepy. You know what, he actually probably could kill Cray. Guns aren’t a thing in Awromott. A couple bullets in his gem could do the job. :)
YAY! I loved these! Kudos to your impatience, cause it was an honor to read this! I wish I was as adept in ONESHOTTING as you; however, I am inept. Please update soon? :D
9/12/2019 c10 Charmpanda
Oh Gale, taking the spunk out of my Eskel. Goodness me, how dare you. Yeah; that comment Astrid made was so spot-on. She would totally kill anyone who did something like that to Kirron or Valerian before the police got to them. Though to his credit; it’s just about impossible to get Kirron in that position, and you’d probably have to drug or incapacitate Valerian before you got that far. Oh, you could probably threaten his loved ones and he’ll do whatever the heck you want. I’m so happy! I don’t have to hug all your suffering characters this time because Valerian can do it for me! Poor Eskel though. Ahhhhhhhhh, poor baby. Worry not, Valerian has you. Unfortunately this won’t Be the end of Eskel’s suffering, as it carries over into Spirit Ring.
I was a tad disappointed when you said you had cleaned out your mature content, but I’m honestly pretty pleased with what all went on. I’m evil. Gale, you must think Eskel is real cute.
Emerson is my new best friend. He’s cute, and as a big sister myself, I can just really relate to all the guilt he’s feeling.
Okay, I’ve totally been rambling. Wonderful work. I really enjoyed reading this. I adored all the little Valerian Eskel moments, and the ones in between. It truly punctured my heart to see Eskel like this, but he’ll be okay. Gale ... he’s quiet. I like Eskel’s family, especially Lady Coco. I think everything was executed very well, and it evoked a ton of emotion. Outstanding job! Update soon. :)
9/7/2019 c9 Charmpanda
Honestly, first person is my favorite point of view. I usually write in third for convenience, but Spandel’s story is in first POV. I’d love to write Midnight Moon in first POV too, but there just is too much going on for that.
YAY! I loved this little series! It was precious, and congratulations on completing it! I’m so satisfied with everything. Brooklyn gave me some emotions. I wanted to cry for her so many times, but I just don’t cry easily. Everything with Dean made me so mad, but I’m honestly hoping he’s gotten himself together too. I adored the ending! It was really nice, I just liked it! Very sweet. Yes, the first POV was a good idea. I have so many cute images in my head. Good job with Spandel by the way. :)
All around good job, and I have a feel for where I need to go with Brooklyn’s Silver Savior. This honey isn’t gonna be alon forever as long as I’m able to write! :D Update soon Hun. :)

I’m so on Team Caesar. :)
9/1/2019 c8 Charmpanda
Hello, I figured I’d review now. I’m out of it though, so everything’s probably gonna be disorganized and choppy. As always, I appreciate you working on these things “for me.” It’s very sweet of you. Thanks, and good job.
Kisses was a classic. Nothing like reading Won’t-Get-Out-Of-Bed-Emily. I love Kirron’s little threats, and Emily thinking that she can challenge him. Especially since if his heart didn’t swell with love for her the way it does, she might be in some real trouble. Randomly, I’m curious as to why they were going to France. Anyways, good job, these two are always cute to read.
Cars: Not much to say, aside from maybe that Eskel’s mamma seems just as interesting as he is. I would like to meet Emerson and ... whatever his sister’s name is actually. I’ve been waiting for a Valerian-Gets-Invited-To-Eskel’s-Family-Gathering story for a while now. ;) Why do you keep the cars if they make you cry? Gale! I wanna see him too.
Pretzel Bites: ... How dare you, person I don’t know the name of, probably a pervy high school drop out or one of those creepy rich old casino men you see smoking and drinking whisky, though that may just be a trend here down south. I was very curious as to why Emily hurried over to Bryson the way she did. Their cute together. Yes, Bryson would hunt that person down and beat them around no less than Kirron would LITERALLY destroy them.
Pillow talk: Call me weird, but I think consent and stepping out of one’s comfort zone is really super hot. So, that scene there, where Toma asked Raven to hold his throat and guided her hand when she agreed? Gold! I was just all over it! By far, my favorite scene in this chapter! It was just so private, and touch and go, and ... *.*
I don’t remember what the last one was called, but I liked it. Valerian’s reaction to the octopus ... perfect! He really doesn’t like cephalopods. No Eskel, he really isn’t bothered by much, from what you’ve seen anyways. ;)
In conclusion ... YAY! Update soon, I’m curious.
8/18/2019 c7 Charmpanda
What the heck? I went to sleep right after I posted Silver Savior, and I wake to find that you’ve reviewed on it and posted Diamond Heart at my request? Just like that? I kind of just burst into laughter. Great job! I loved this! It near made me cry actually. I just feel so much pity for Brooklyn. She’s made a lot of mistakes, but geez, people treat her sooooooo badly. Dean and Alex our two of a kind, so awful. Fun fact, my best friend all throughout middle school was named Alexandrea and went by Alex. Awwwww, I really liked reading Jasper comfort Brooklyn. It was a very nice brother-sister moment. I just loved it. Brooklyn’s commentary on Eskel’s house! :) Awwww, Eskel’s so cute! I’ma put him in my pocket. I just really enjoyed this. The composition was lovely and I enjoyed watching Brooklyn interact with everyone, and her dogs! Good job with everything! I eagerly await the next part. I’m rooting for you Brooklyn! :D
7/27/2019 c6 Charmpanda
I, I really appreciate you writing this to help me feel better. I do, I’m all blushy. I do feel better too. I’m more excited and cheerful now. You should write more stuff in my honor. Heehee, just kidding! :p I’m so excited for August to come around though, so I can just pour all my ONESHOTS into your birthday present!
I loved all of this! Awwww, Toma seems so sweet in a relationship. I can’t wait until he and Raven’s relationship are finalized in Honest. By the way, if you need me to write any sort of scene from Raven’s history for reference let me know. Toma just outright saying Raven’s legs looked nice in heels killed me! Like, that was so blatant and funny,
So James took Delilah’s last name, cause James’ surname is Belrose. Why? Belrose is so pretty, if I’m saying that right. It’s French right? So despite mr knowing Pandore and knowing the mechanics of the language, I’m still probably saying it wrong. Delilah seems like she was just like Lily! Yes, tease Lily! I would love to see that! :D
Awwwwwww, Emily’s just so precious. Eating burnt popcorn? Definitely monstrous.
JASPER IS SUCH A DORK! Awww, the two of them are just precious together, he and Spandel!
Agh, thank you again! I really appreciate it! I loved all of it!
7/8/2019 c5 Charmpanda
YAY! RAVEN! My baby!
But, back to the main order of this story, our marshmallow blonde Mr. Okada. I didn’t think I’d enjoy reading this, but, I actually did. It was really nice to see bottled up Toma explode. I just like hearing his feelings for once as opposed to being left confused and speculating. I especially loved that burst about how he wanted Raven at the end. Definite romance, the stuff I live for. I’m so with Jasper. Express yourself Boy! Awww, a smile is such a sad thing to be subconscious about. C’mon Toma! You and your smile are precious. Embrace your inner sugar plumb. Even with braces, I still have an overbite. So don’t worry. Celine and Catherine are so very mean. Well, excited to see where this goes. It was a lot longer than I thought. That’s what I get for not reading the word count. Good job, and update soon. :)
6/25/2019 c4 Charmpanda
Awwwwwww, how sweet. Honestly, I miss writing all these precious couples too. But I’m busy, and saving most of my ONESHOT ideas for your birthday. So I suppose your writing will just have to placate me. :)
With the type of person Spandel is, that’s a reasonable fear for Jasper to have. Anyways, seeing Jasper sad hurts me, but it was nice to see Toma comfort him. Gotta say though, I wouldn’t be the one to go to Toma for comfort. Still super cute though. I loved the end of course, the exchanges of “I love you”s and you know I adore Spandel’s way of speech. Jasper’s a babe when he’s tired. An absolute piece of heaven. Loved it. Excellent work! :)
6/12/2019 c3 Charmpanda
You really don’t have to be so obligated to my bday story. I appreciate it a great deal though. Thank you so much. You’ve done a good job. :)
Diamond Heart:
This was likely my favorite. Valerian was in it, and sometimes it’s just good to see people argue. Arguments are healthy. They help relationships grow, less you’re a match made in Heaven like Kirron and Emily. Anyways, there’s another pile of guilt to add to Valerian’s oddly masochistic desires. Hhhhhhhhh, I seriously almost cried for Brooklyn. I pity her a lot, a whole lot. *sobs* Poor thing. I don’t want her to suffer anymore. She’s an excellent OC. She deserves love like everyone else. She into vampiric like creatures teehee? If she dated Eijan, her and her brother would both be dating an Awromian resident. And he’s got a super cool job! Aaaaaaaaagggghggghhhhhhh! I wanna help. My heart bleeds for her. Actually I’m listening to a a pop song called Finest Hour by Cash Cash and Abir that reminds me of Brooklyn as I write this review. Good job though! :)
The degree to which Brooklyn carried out this idea was hilarious. I mean, it’s true. If Kaké hadn’t persuaded the Phillips family to succumb to the darkness of their pain, Cray would be great. A handsome, witty, sarcastic, loner who loves his close ones just as much as he loves lemon dessert. But then, we would’ve never met Spandel. This whole thing just made me laugh. I was pleasantly surprised when Christof Rose, likely the most disregarded parent, made it onto her pyramid. The dialogue was great. Brooklyn’s statements and Emily’s reactions! Haha, can you imagine all the dad’s reactions to this? :DDDDDDDD Way to make me laugh.
Cuddles and Sugar Not Salt:
May I say ... the way you write Charley is beautiful. I don’t know. I just like it. Poor Oliver. I don’t Know if he’ll ever get Charley’s seal of approval. Coffee is already disgusting to me, less you saturate it with milk cream and sugar, salted coffee seems ten times more terrible. Terrible to the power of terrible. Oliver, baby doll, be careful.
Yeah, Oliver kissing up Keily’s neck knocked me off my butt with shock. I loved it! No! Keily! You just had to wake up! Teehee. Well Oliver, becoming more affectionate gets you one step closer to earning Charley’s love badge. But there’s still the strength, protection, money, and gift badges. Great job with these two cute ficlets.
Gold Digger:
I just liked seeing Emily stand up for herself, it was nice. The dynamic of Catherine’s ideas was interesting too.
Thank you Dear. I loved this! I’m dying to see what’s next! :D
5/11/2019 c2 Charmpanda
Cool AU! :)
The end of the world is such a depressing idea, but the aftermath is super cool. So, I thought Valerian was going to be an android preserved by the scientists in the past for the sole purpose of protecting the people of the future. But, a sweet boy from the past is cool too! Poor thing. His life sucks. I liked the meeting between he and Lily. It was exquisite. It is ironic that Lily was looking for a bodyguard and ended up becoming one. Cute. I loved this. Good job, and I eagerly await the next portion.
5/11/2019 c1 Charmpanda
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Thank you! This first segment was sooooooooooooooooo cute. I loved all the little stories in it! So, from the summery of Missing Princess I literally thought that Emily and Kirron would be looking for a lost child in their neighborhood. Haha, so wrong! Nice to know Emily was just looking for her cat. I should have known honestly. SHUT UP KIRRON! THAT PUN WAS HILARIOUS! :DDDD HAHAHAHAHAH
I agree with Emily in the sense that teacher crushes are weird. Brooklyn is gonna make me puke. I mean Alister? Hot? My god! Ahahahaha, But that was so funny. I loved reading it. Brooklyn is so funny. The idea of her dating Emily’s dad ... ugh. :) Oh Brooklyn, I think you’re u left out a few handsome daddies. There’s Nicholas Jones, I’m sure he’s dashing. Johnathan Collins I’m sure he has that boyish charm. Cray is the bad boy kinda hot, ya know he’s got this evil biker vampire appeal to him. Can’t forget Charley Anderson either. Dat boy is the sporty kinda hot! Okay, I’m done. I’m so done being stupid.
Oh my gosh I loved Dare. COUNTRY CLOTHES ARE SO UGLY! Nope, I’m not gonna be mean. Some southern styles are really cute, but ... I can just so imagine Valerian wearing an ugly western cowboy outfit. Here’s a question Jasper, where did you fine that thing? This was a fun read though. I loved the whole thing of Jasper taking advantage of Valerian’s inability to say no and Lily having to step in. They’re all so adorable. Jasper in a princess costume ... I think Toma would have the right reaction.
Ocean was so flippin’ romantic. I understand Emily’s fear of the ocean actually. I love the pool, but there's a 2% Chance you’d be dragging me into a sandy ocean with a plethora of little sea residents that I can’t Even recognize. But I loved Kirron and Emily swimming together, from Emily clinging to him to Kirron saving her near immediately. Oh, and Kirron getting his hair wet without a care in the world, for his Kitten. That was precious. Hey, most cats are skittish in water because they can’t grip onto anything, and Emily is a little kitten. Awwwww. I liked everybody else’ roles in Ocean too. It was just a sweet story, I can’t put it into words.
Martin. I thought he’d be a cat. But he’s duck. Now all ya gotta do is put him in a cashmere sweater and you’ll achieve maximum cuteness. :) Keily just being totally cool with having a duck at the table ... perfect! She has a farm, so she probably has like a ton of ducks already. Awwwwwwwwww, Oliver’s wary of Charley. That’s adorable, though I hardly blame him. This was cute too. :) I am inspired to make somehing with Oliver and the Andersons
Poor Eskel. Well, at least he may have a friend now. Violet ... that girl is very troubled. “Don’t put your hands on women, even if they push you first.” That is so much like something my dad would say it’s not even funny. :)
Aaaaaaaaaaand Forever. This was a classic. Way to end off the first portion with a good ol fashion Kirrily cuddle scene. I feel like I’m forgetting a bunch of them. One AM was really cute too. Toma is so sensitive. Awwwwwwww. Ha, poor Raven. She’s in for a surprise soon it looks like though! :)
I still feel like I’m missing a bunch, but I loved it. Thank you so much! You’re the best :) This would honestly be enough for me. :)

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