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for When I Sob

5/19/2019 c1 Lauren248
Wow that’s the most accurate description of sobbing that I’ve ever read. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I hope that things get better. Stay strong, and don’t forget that everyone needs a break sometimes.
5/15/2019 c1 5echogirlcapri
Aw, this hit hard. I can relate a bit too much, and feeling like this is always really rough. It's a very well-written piece and it really captures an all-too-familiar emotion. Hope you're doing okay :( It sounds like a lot is going on, but it's beautiful that you can channel it into writing this way.
5/13/2019 c1 1902 Gus
Well, technically speaking you’re not wasting time. Any time devoted to thought organizing is time well spent. It’s good to clean out some emotional gunk every once in a while.

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