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6/30 c15 5TVH Bookfan
It's funny how Drew's new brother does think he's weird, but for different reasons than he was expecting. I don't really know what Narwhals are either, so I'd probably be in the same situation as Drew is if I were in his place. Aside from that though, it does look like they might have a good relationship. Siblings do get into disagreements over silly things all the time, after all.
5/30 c13 TVH Bookfan
When they said the meat was an imitation, I was thinking it was probably soy or tofu they were eating, which can turn out good if it's prepared well. However, tortoise tacos sure don't sound like a tasty treat! I probably wouldn't be so happy about eating that either. With that said, it doesn't make much sense for Felix to be upset over that meat having been innocent and with a family when the same would have been true if he'd been eating beef or any other meat. Why feel guilty for eating just one specific animal, even if it's your favorite?
4/30 c12 TVH Bookfan
These meetings with future family members are always intriguing. Maybe at some point you could have Mark and Mindy embark on a time traveling trip of their own where they encounter some interesting people from either the past or the future. They could be superhero pioneers fighting villains in the old west or mischievous teenagers whose powers helped them become rulers of a future city. Either idea could work out just fine, but having them meet past superheroes would probably be the most interesting to look into.
3/31 c11 TVH Bookfan
You can never be too careful in these public places, whether it's the bathroom or somewhere else. As far fetched as he may seen here, let's hope Mai learns to take at least some of Satoshi's advice and starts maintaining good cleaning habits everywhere she goes.
2/29 c10 TVH Bookfan
This turned out being a powerful short. In my opinion, perhaps by doing whatever it is she has planned, Shellie will be able to have some peace of mind over how she's been feeling. It may be something small, but even the most seemingly insignificant deeds can make a difference during times like these. After that, perhaps she'll understand what it means to truly forgive and she can decide once and for all if that's what she wants.
1/25 c9 TVH Bookfan
Mark may be an annoying brother, but how many other annoying brothers would take the time to wander the streets to find a cat to cheer up their unhappy sisters? Also, "Tuxedo Cats" seems like quite a fancy way to refer to black cats. I wonder why we don't hear about them often enough if it is a real term.
12/31/2019 c8 TVH Bookfan
I guessed the moment Ronnie brought up that his mom's name is Sage that she was probably his time traveling mother. It looks like it might take them a while to get along, but isn't it always that way with family? You could even say that they're off to a good start if you look at it this way.
12/13/2019 c7 TVH Bookfan
I know some people might be disappointed about going to school or work on their birthday, but I'm not sure I've heard of people pretending to be sick to get out of their responsibilities when that's the case. Maybe it's because they don't want their families getting upset about them being sick on their birthday, and I'm surprised Stevie's parents didn't have a similar reaction. But at least he got a gift from his friend when be went to school. The attention you get from friends and teachers is probably the best about having school on such special days.
11/30/2019 c6 TVH Bookfan
First of all, German swear words don't seem too difficult to remember based on how similar the language is to English, although I'm guessing pronunciation is the biggest challenge. Also, different guys from different time periods crossing paths never fails to be cool for me. However, we don't want their time situation to be too difficult to get out of. Time paradoxes aren't the easiest thing in the world to understand.
10/31/2019 c5 TVH Bookfan
I don't recall many young kids confiding in each other over being spanked, but the fears about new babies seem to be much more common. There's no need to scare someone so much over something that's already difficult for them to deal with. It's a good thing Stevie has a good friend that can help make the whole thing less stressful.
10/23/2019 c4 TVH Bookfan
I haven't gotten into Shark Week in the past, so I'm not sure if the enthusiasm shown by Ronnie makes me more or less interested in it. However, if he can get that excited over Shark Week, that should mean the rest of his story must be exciting as well.
9/29/2019 c3 TVH Bookfan
Nice to meet two different Statera heroes who sound an awful lot like familiar characters who've done similar work; you could even claim the genders have been swapped. These future food fights seem interesting, especially if ingredients can be used as weapons. I just wonder low long it will take Cindy to master that new way of fighting, and if Clark can ever get into it at all.
6/29/2019 c2 TVH Bookfan
I wonder who has a bigger shot at winning this debate: the bookworm or the highly opinionated robot. One can go on about every major idea put into print (so long as she steers away from vampire theories), while the other could give a passionate speech about why puppies are the best pets and scare off any opponent with her annoying singing. However, one thing we know for sure is that it won't be boring for one second.
5/26/2019 c1 TVH Bookfan
Future character meets present day character. Seems like an interesting idea for drabbles, especially with work like yours which varies in terms of setting. I have no specific requests at the moment, although I hope you consider having characters from the Statera universe interact with those fron other stories that don't come from that world.

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