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for Pride 2019: Spectrum

10/12/2019 c32 3Mr. Raleigh D
And thus made the last and final chapter. I must say I actually enjoyed this story, an anthology of gay/lesbian stories and the stories revolving around them. I really, really enjoyed this final chapter.

Now onto Seeing Purple! :)
10/5/2019 c31 Mr. Raleigh D
Don't we all need a little serenity in our lives?

Plus this Straight Pride...why does that have to exist? It's literally just mocking the...you know what never mind. If I keep on, this review will be 5,000 words long on my brutal disdain for stupid, insecure people. Like seriously!

Great chapter, keep up the good work! :)
10/5/2019 c30 Mr. Raleigh D
What was once magic will one day be science. I love the message you sent in this piece. And you are absolutely correct, what was once the center of magic such as flying and talking in midair with another person was once considered magic. But now, since we have airplanes and cellphones, it is no longer magic but common-sense technology that we have now. Take a person from, I don't know 1605 and bring them here to the 21st Century, they'll feel extremely terrified of what went on. Nowhere they go will be open. Nowhere is safe from modern technology lol.

Anyway, back on topic, your thesis on binary and nonbinary is actually spot on. Now, I am a little conservative a bit when it comes to these tropes, but...as I stated before, I'm no a-hole lol. I mean yeah, when I was little I used to be a complete and utter jackass about these sort of topics, often siding with Alex Jones (don't ask, I thought he was an intelligent human being. I was friggin 13 years old justs stepping into politics for the very first time when I first heard that Obama was running for President at the time - good times when we had intelligent President who didn't want to nuke hurricanes, grab women by the hoo-ha, overtly racist, sexist, homophobic and downright dumber than Patrick Star on a good day).

But again, love the chapter, and sadly, I am on the final few chapters though. :(

On to the next one. :)
9/22/2019 c29 Mr. Raleigh D
Ahhhh...the Stonewall Revolutionary War. It was a rebellion fought between the Colonial Gaymericans and the Fascists Straightish. The Leader of the Revolution, George Washington, led the war into victory up to the Battle of Yorktown where...

LOL I'm trolling.

Stonewall, as well as many riots back in the late 20th Century, was a time of absolute change. And I like how you incorporated nature as being the status quo of it all. And you are absolutely right. From the assassination of MLK Jr in 1968, the Stonewall Riots, and the LA Riots, just a few decades afterward, Conservative minds always try to suppress change.

However, in nature, change is absolutely necessary for the survival of the human species. Those who cannot adapt die.

Great job on this chapter!
9/22/2019 c28 Mr. Raleigh D
I know how Anna's feeling. Feeling the darkness crawl inside youm was far, far more depressing I had to deal with. Now I never had it where it was to the extent of hers, but her friend's suicide. That was rough.

This is equating to today's young people. Suicide is often looked at as a person's failure rather than a cry for help. People see this as if the person was weak to fight back agains the ills of the world.

Seriously, you should be a public speaker, your writing pieces are really good!
9/22/2019 c27 Mr. Raleigh D
9/19/2019 c26 Mr. Raleigh D
I never saw the show Rozzoli and Isles, I heard that it is a decent show though. I love the emphasis you made on life.

It's like the old saying goes, life is precious, don't waste it. Well alas that is what my grandfather said to me that time when I was a little tike.

Anyways sorry it took me this long to read this chapter, just had a slew of crap I had to deal with meaning, losing a house key, my train stalled for 15 minutes only for me to know that someone got hit by a train going SB, and being 18 minutes late second to rent needed to be opaid lol.

A lot of stuff in one day.

One day!

Great job on this chapter, can't wait to finish the rest!
9/14/2019 c25 Mr. Raleigh D
Veronica seems like the woman every teenage boy would love to fuck lol. Much like that teacher from that movie "That's My Boy".
9/2/2019 c24 Mr. Raleigh D
9/2/2019 c23 Mr. Raleigh D
Now, this goes back to when I stated that I am more of a social libertarian. It is still a shame that people like the Transgender Community still suffer from discrimination, especially from Mr. Orange McDumbass (even after he said that he wants to nuke a hurricane).

Purple by far is a very interesting color, indigo I'm sorry lol. It represents a deepr message for blue representing justice and everything.

Never had the chance to watch Supergirl, been watching a lot of Westerns though, I'll check it out soon so I can get a better look at Nia!

Keep doing what you are doing.

8/25/2019 c22 Mr. Raleigh D
A post-apocalyptic, industrial era kind of story eh? Me likey! :)

I've never seen the Genetic Opera, I assume that it looks pretty good. This chapter seems to address environmental issues to which I love and support. I feel your color of choice, turquoise, which represents refreshness and feminine energy also bolds true here. I really like how you expanded on the color and the plot centering around this chapter! Great job!
8/25/2019 c21 Mr. Raleigh D
GREEN. Everyone's favorite color!

Storm and Iris are extremely great fighters! And according to the story, they were very careful and try not to be overconfident. That is the spirit of a true hero.

Iris was literally a beast in this, easily my favorite characters. Your descriptions are really good! And I am really enjoying this anthology you crafted. :D
8/25/2019 c20 Mr. Raleigh D
I like the color yellow. It is the color of cheerfulness and nostalgia. Mainly cheerfulness. From looking at the chapter's name, I suspected that the theme of this is going to be nostalgia.

I really enjoy this chapter a lot. Sorry for the late an d sporadic updates. Just been heavily invested in writing and all...plus personal issues and such. Plus...still recovering from our Dear Leader saying that he wants to nuke a Hurricane. I really just can't...

Anyway to the reviews...

Carmella and I have similar taste of colors: black, grey, etc. I like dark colors. Back when I was school, I was thought to be goth...even though I wore no makeup. I was a metal head sure, but I was a cheery soul - literary adventurous, but none gothic - unless it was Edgar Allen Poe, but still.

Oh and LOLOLOLOLOL at the sneak diss of Twilight! THAT SNEAK DISS! Hahahaha! I was literally forced to watch that movie. lol. I shall never forgive my little sister lol.

Anyway, amazing chapter! Up to chapter 21!
8/13/2019 c19 Mr. Raleigh D
Sorry about the late review here, but yes...the angst. Normally it would bother me since you know...Twilight. but now i have a soft love for angst. i mean, I think I worte in numerous scenes of angst lol.

I'm starting to fall in love with this story lol. I shared this story to my girlfriend on facebook for her to read and everything.

Anyway, nice work! UP to the next one!
8/13/2019 c18 Mr. Raleigh D
Well, the color red to which I can depict as the color of seduction but sometimes can radiate as the color of rage or strong passion. I'm guessing the color symbolizes passion and seduction in this story since this is a pairing between Super Girl and the sister of Lex Luthor.

I kind of caught that tis was fanfiction lol. But I don't mind. I write fanfiction. But more in the lines of Ben 10.

Plus you kind of made Lena hell-a lot of attractive!

Thanks for the chapter up to the next
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