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2/26/2020 c1 9Mislav
Very exciting and thought-provoking story. It sure sounds tempting, traveling through time and seeing the way this world was hundreds, if not thousands years ago; encountering and exploring ancient cultures. You described Telemachus' initial fascination with history and cultural heritage pretty well. I enjoyed the way you described time travel too. Neat experiments, with eggs and rabbits. The part where the time travel goes wrong was also really well written, I could feel Telemachus' anxiety. Writing a journal during that uncertain time was an interesting choice. It really showed his courage, and dedication to his mission. I expected Telemachus to die at the end. I liked how the story ended with him stuck in an unfamiliar territory, at an unknown point in time, but still willing to explore the world he found himself in. My favorite part was: "That he would be an object of study, or of mythology, was an idea that Telemachus immediately found intriguing. Perhaps someone had built upon his work, and finally solved his mistake. Perhaps his work was forgotten or lost, and someone had to independently rediscover them. Perhaps his seemingly unchanging nature had inspired myths. Nevertheless, he had a clear path before him.

Telemachus followed the trail from the most recent of campsites. He knew not what empires reigned. He knew not what gods or ideas held sway in the minds of them. He knew not what foods or customs they had, nor what advances may have been made or lost. He knew not what diseases he might be exposed to, nor expose others to. As he stepped down that trail beside the canyon, he knew those were the answers he'd have to find. Even after eons, his Mote of dust had finally settled."

Keep up the great work. I really enjoyed reading this story.

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