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for Lukewarm Coffee

9/26/2019 c1 17The DarkCat
I loved the imagery in this poem, it was really vivid and at thr same time portraying mundane things in a new light, bringing them colors perhaps. Anyway the poem is a beautiful work of art, oh and the meaning about the people and their deeds and insecurities was outstanding. The ending poses a real question about the future. I loved the column before the last really much for some reason. Anyway, thank you!
7/28/2019 c1 19Ckh
If you're looking for authenticity, then you nailed it. I mentioned this before in other reviews, but technically strong poems don't necessarily endear me to them.

They need to resonate with me first; then I look for technicalties. If someone really likes a poem, they'll find a way to technically praise it. For example, one can say that your inconsistent stanza length reflects the uncertainty of threading through life. Another can say that the fact that the first and last stanzas have the same length shows that humanity will never break out of the cycle of uncertainty that they are trapped in, and that its a fact of life we have to embrace.

Technical details aside, I found that the poem has a great flow. Flow is something that cannot be replicated; A poem just has flow. There are ways to improve the flow, sure, but flow is an inherent quality of poems that differ from poem to poem.

I don't have any critique for this poem, except that I love the authenticity of it. The poem might flow better if the second last stanza was split into two, but that's just my subjective take.

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