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9/18/2020 c6 7Yuuenchi
So, I stumbled across this small gem while looking for more SF/Manga Stories to read here (if for no other reason than to see how my own take stacks up. I must say you sucked me in. Obviously I agree with the other reviewer that it seems a stretch for our all-but-hikimori protagonist to suddenly become so assertive and accidentally competent, then again he did find himself in his favorite anime, so there's that. And this is sort of a Light Novel isekai, so there's that. The one really question i have is, do we see the Jade Rings show up again? My minor quibble, you keep using LADAR, did you mean this to be LIDAR?
2/5/2020 c1 9Shang
To start off let me just point out that I'm generally not a fan of first person narrative in an adventure story. There are several reasons for it, but that is neither a beef nor a deal-breaker for me, but I commonly do put out this warning whenever I do come across a tale with such composition, so...

With that out of the way I must admit that your usage of such narration actually does a good job; one of the main points of first-person narrator is to relay certain emotions into the scene and you do so quite nicely. I feel the descriptions are a tad too poetic given that our POV character is an anime and computer geek. It may seem stereotypical, but that background doesn't make me feel like Michio would be able to... "pull such narration off" for the lack of a better term.
Aside from the out-of-place style of that, I did enjoy your descriptions - they were certainly engaging. I wish I could write like that whenever I pick up English :D
That said I do believe that you either didn't start this tale as first-person narration or - at least - a few times you forgot that it was as there are a couple of places when you do switch briefly to third person (for example: near the ending of the chapter when Michio is giving orders to Tsukiko, you do refer to him by name rather than using "I" or you left in "they" while describing Michio/Arashi and his crew racing to the airlock. Normally I'm not the type to point out grammar (since English isn't my first language either and I make quite a few mistakes myself), but since you obvious put a lot of effort here, I figured you may wish to know of the above.

The idea of an isekai sci-fi story got me interested (given that I'm kinda working on my own isekai tale right now and may be uploading the first chapter of it in the near future) as it is a rare mix; normally isekai ends up in a fantasy world, so this is pretty new to me. The premise is intriguing, granted I do feel a tad weird that Michio became Arashi rather than just being transported. We'll see how this plays out, but it will take some getting used to from me.

The characters seem nicely flesh out; I do like Jin... could be as - from her description - design-wise she reminds me of my favorite female character from my own stories, but I'll certainly be keeping my eye on her. I also hope that you'll dwell a bit into Kin; it kinda feels like a waste of potential for the character to just be a turncoat. Since Michio knows the show, it actually gives you a chance to make him understand Kin better and - possibly - amend the relationship between Arashi and Kin... something that the actual Arashi probably couldn't do for various reasons.

Overall I really liked this chapter; you have a way with words and your style does keep the reader engaged (even if I was confused as to what exactly was going on near the end. You certainly peeked my interest and I'll be reading further sometime soon.
Overall: nicely done.
1/6/2020 c5 3Felix Retif
Thoroughly entertaining story. You employ genre tropes very effectively and there's always a happy moment of familiarity when the classics pop up. I never thought I'd see a character that at times reminded me of Tomoko Kuroki and at other times of Lelouche vi Britannia, but that's where I am.

You warm to the work - the opening half of the first chapter felt a little clunky in places, but things begin to run much more smoothly once you get into the flow of the story. Few small typos here and there, but nothing serious. You've got a fun cast of characters going and your protagonist's individual voice shows through which is nice. Of course with any form of isekai, I am always alarmed at how fast a socially inept NEET turns into a confident leader (see the instantaneous change in No Game No Life, for example), but through the narration you bring back the character's self-doubt often enough that this feels more organic.

Good work.

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