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for It Has Come

12/10/2021 c1 40lorenzo110
This is a lovely poem written from a profound truth within the heart. Continue writing and expressing yourself in words.
9/26/2019 c1 SkytheTsunRose
Wow, powerful poem. Sometimes by the time you get something, it doesn't even seem worth it from going through so much.
8/26/2019 c1 265Synthey
This feels so raw and honest, love it!
8/12/2019 c1 19Ckh
The poem feels a little awkward to read but otherwise its alright. Some words feel unnecessary, like '(the) long last', '(has) then at last...", "(beseechingly) yearned for'. (I'm referring to the words in parenthesis)

As it stands, your poem is decent, not great. You have good imagery ('rotting wood melded with the soil', 'sunk in puddles') but they don't do enough. Try playing around with the form of your poem, break your sentences up. Maybe the impact of your poem will be more pronounced.

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