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1/16 c7 avalavaa
hello I'm very interested to your story. I love how you put the characterizations. I want to offer you something related to your w0rk. If you're interested please kindly leave me your 3ma1l. Thanks
1/9/2020 c2 15maskedhero100
Sorry for the late review...

I rather enjoyed this chapter, the detail, the bits of comedy... a bit of the terms and such flew over my head and I had to look up what they were...like "SOCO". But that's not the writings fault. I just live on the other side of the pond.

Looking forward to more.
11/28/2019 c1 maskedhero100
Another mystery begins, something tells me it'll be grimmer than the Lindum Vanishing case. This was a nice intro, it gave a simple but effect recap of the previous story and although a little short, it was not without sustenance.

Sometimes it's best to keep it short and simple in the beginning, you never want to overwhelm your readers since, usually, they start at the first page. No danger of that here.

I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

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