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7/8 c30 Sailorchronos1
It's been a while, I hope you're doing okay! I just finished binge-reading this and it's awesome. During all the craziness I've been writing a lot as well, just finished a trilogy of Knight Rider stories over on FFN.
7/6 c30 jtbwriter1956
Oh...that was good! I love that Pettifane got his, after his outburst towards Leslie, I was afraid he'd somehow get away and come after her! And the fact that Pettifane's attorneys settled for such a huge amount of money makes me fear he might have another agenda up his sleeve! Thanks for a great book...I really look forward to seeing Martin Pendler's story and how Leslie and Christian and her father can help him! Thanks again!
7/6 c30 1Harry2.0
A excellent ending to this tale! But, you MIGHT want to recheck your figures on your math. Twenty Percent is one fifth of the total. So, if Christian is getting Twenty Percent of 50 Million, that is 10 Million dollars. But, I will say this though: It sounds like you have set things up nicely for the next book with our Body Mender. Until Next time, may your Muse NEVER run out on you, and keep up the great work.
6/26 c29 jtbwriter1956
Wow-fighting back did help Natalie to get Paul relief from his nightmares! But for them to both admit their feelings is a great development. I'm surprised that Christian and Leslie didn't think of her going with him to begin with; she is a great support to him and it's better then her worrying from so far away. But what will Pettifane's attorneys ask Christian and how can he fend off any antics he pulls? What a great chapter-thanks! Now what?:0
6/26 c29 Harry2.0
Well, Christian has done well on the stand so far. Now, he needs to face the attorney for Pettibone, that seems to be the primary one of the three.
6/16 c28 jtbwriter1956
Wow-I didn't stop to think how hard it would be for Natalie and Paul and Sabrina to get home if they had to break out with only Ancia's help. Thank God for Leslie's father; the fact that the police accepted him and his help at his word was a plus and for that monster Pettifane to finally be stopped is a great update! I hope Natalie's mentor is able to help her help Paul-no wonder he has nightmares. Thanks for a wonderful chapter-now what?:0
6/16 c28 Harry2.0
Well, it looks like this billionaire is in DEEP trouble now! Illegal plants, kidnapping, slavery and a host of other charges, will mean that when he is found guilty (Mind you I said WHEN, not IF!) he is going to be in jail for the rest of his life. And there will be no one that will want to be in a cell with him. His days are numbered, and he just doesn't realize it yet!
6/6 c27 jtbwriter1956
Oh, they have to get Paul out of Pettifane's control now-he'll try to kill him to force Christian to show his power! I really hope Leslie's father can convince the shape-shifter that Pettifane is the bad guy and free her from his control-but the fact that the monster is growing anakarna should help put him in jail once and for all! Hopefully this is the break they need-now what?:0
6/6 c27 Harry2.0
If Pettifane IS growing the accursed spice on his property, then his ASS IS GRASS! That plant is banned in many countries. It would amount to both a serious fine and time in jail. This indeed sounds like the break Leslie and Christian need to put him on ice, in the sense of putting someone in prison, for a LONG TIME!
5/27 c26 jtbwriter1956
Wow-I'm glad Christian and Leslie are verifying that "Peapicker 450" is for real. I don't trust Pettifane not to try to sneak someone onto the Island to go after Christian! But poor Natalie being cornered by that madman-hopefully Ancia can get through to the Matter-Shifter and get them all out of his clutches! I really enjoyed the meeting between the Royals and the law firm-interesting how Leslie picked up on their manner toward the case! Thanks for a great read-what next!?:0
5/26 c26 Harry2.0
Sounds like things are starting to heat up. And with a defector withing Pettifane's staff who is now living in a homeless shelter, there is more evidence to use against him. And, once the holiday celebrations are over with, it might be time to contact Roarke and talk to him about this member of the Matter Shifter clan.
5/16 c25 jtbwriter1956
Wow-at least Natalie, Paul and Sabrina got through to Ancia-but what is bad is how she got back onto the island and terrorized Leslie! Does Pettifane know about this loophole? And can Leslie's father protect them from it happening again? I hope that with Ancia's help, Natalie and Sabrina can get through to the Matter Shifter to help them escape! At least there's hope! Thanks for a great chapter-now what?:)
5/16 c25 Harry2.0
Sounds like we might have a revolution brewing on Pettifane's estate. If they do get free, it will help cement the case against Pettifane and not only send him to jail, but force him to hand over his money! And, if he DOES manage to get out of crimes in the US, the Clans might have something to say on this matter!
5/6 c24 jtbwriter1956
Wow... so Pettifane's starting to crack if he's starting to owe money and make more enemies. Poor Paul...I hope the madman doesn't use him for revenge or leverage! I'm glad Leslie's father is investigating what Leslie and other rescuers will have to do to get the captives out...I don't trust Pettifane not to try to infiltrate the island...what next? Thanks for a great chapter..now what?:)
5/6 c24 Harry2.0
Well Pettifane, you are in big time hot water now! You have suits against you for payment of services, your companies are being investigated, and with the possibility of new kidnapping charges, I think that you have angered Fate to such a extent that she is removing her support for you. Be prepared to do time, and to loose your money!
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