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for The Wicked Oak Tree And The Child Molester

5/24 c21 2Vicki Lawson
Leaving an 18-year-old boy to babysit 2 ten-year-old boys and 1 ten-year-old girl. What could possibly go wrong? *thinks for a moment*
1/29 c20 18Sir Scott
Great. I'm glad that Matthew solved the case and that bitch got what she deserved.
~Sir Scott
10/9/2021 c19 Sir Scott
That was creepy for poor Helen.
~Sir Scott
8/1/2021 c18 Sir Scott
Poor Mr. Henderson, I'm glad that he had insurance.
~Sir Scott
5/31/2021 c16 Sir Scott
That was a surprise ending that Kathleen got hit with a pie. I look forward to reading how Matthew reacts to Jason's uncle.
~Sir Scott
3/10/2021 c15 Sir Scott
I like how you in this version there's explanation on how Matthew learns to shoot a gun.
~Sir Scott
1/7/2021 c14 Sir Scott
Pretty good chapter. I don't blame him for looking for another job and I'm glad that his friends get to go
to the concert with him.
~Sir Scott
12/4/2020 c13 Sir Scott
That's one cursed tree. I hope the children make up with each other soon.
~Sir Scott
10/12/2020 c12 Sir Scott
Pretty awesome chapter. It was pretty cool that Matthew got a date.
~Sir Scott
9/9/2020 c10 Sir Scott
Awesome. I'm glad that you were able to post again. I would love to see Matthew punch out that asshole.
~Sir Scott
2/17/2020 c9 Sir Scott
Good chapter. For a second there I thought Matthew was going to have to fight that jerk.
~Sir Scott
2/9/2020 c8 Sir Scott
Wow, that was a terrifying nightmare. I don't blame Jason for throwing up when his mom got the phone call.
~Sir Scott
1/3/2020 c7 Sir Scott
Good chapter. My fifth grade teacher's name was Edna, so that's pretty cool. I felt bad for Matthew, because parents didn't believe him.
~Sir Scott
12/5/2019 c6 Sir Scott
I'm glad to see that you updated this. Damn, Thelma is one mean bitch.
~Sir Scott
12/3/2019 c2 Sir Scott
A pretty good start. It was a very creepy experience that Helen had. You have really done an excellent job at re-editing this story.
~Sir Scott

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