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12/30/2019 c7 15Charmpanda
Okay, I am literally going to cry at the beauty of this one! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!
Ohhhhh, this was cute. WHY IS EMERSON THIS SWEET!? Over the threshold I go. Really, he’s an angel, but so is Eskel. I adore him so much. He and Valerian’s relationship is so precious, so I near cried when I heard Sasha and Sebastian were considering moving, and even more so to see Eskel reassure Valerian. Awwwwwww! By the way, I love love love Eskel’s grandparents. Really seeing all of Eskel’s family was nice. I’m honestly so impressed with this one. Well done.
12/30/2019 c6 Charmpanda
Awwwwwww, this was cute. I’m surprised you’re still writing this, but I should have known a due date wouldn’t stop you. Thanks!
It was nice to read something between these too. I love Toma’s sweet side, switching to Project Runway for Raven’s sake. I’ve read the story of Phantom of the Opra but haven’t seen a play or movie, but Toma’s enthusiasm is precious. Excellent work!
12/17/2019 c4 Charmpanda
Today’s Kirron’s birthday!
This was sweet, and funny since my mom and dad just had an ugly Christmas sweater party at my mom’s job. I love ugly Christmas sweaters. Imagining their cats all dressed up is just perfect. Nice job!
P.s. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes in the message I sent you.
12/16/2019 c3 Charmpanda
Raven loves elephants too, though giraffes are her favorite. This was cute. Loved Eskel’s end notion there, throwing his legs over Valerian and the quote that followed. Excellent work and thank you :)
12/8/2019 c2 Charmpanda
Freakin cute! Loved this! Kirron taking care of Emily is just too sweet to miss! Wonderful work, and thank you :)
12/6/2019 c1 Charmpanda
I’m like so dang happy you don’t even know! How precious was this!? Don’t worry, a cute little interaction between these two is perfect! I liked it. Tall, beautiful, pretty voice, that’s a recipe for an Awromian all right. THANK YOU FOR PORTRAYING EIJAN’S SHY LITTLE SELF, even if just a little. :)
You’re honestly doing too much for little ole me, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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