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1/9 c2 15Charmpanda
Awwwwwww, reading this makes me wanna write too! Unfortunately, I don’t have anything big to work on and inspiration is pretty much dead. Still, this was a truly wonderful read. Ha! I knew Jasper lost his arm. It had to be something physically impairing, but an injury acute enough that Spandel couldn’t heal it in any way. Poor boy. I wonder if he’ll get a prosthetic or just learn to live without it? I’m pretty curious about this wing of the story. Ohhhh, poor Lily. It’s so sweet to see Valerian looking after her. Hopefully I get more of that stuff before Lily becomes too cripple. My admission? This is a pretty cool premise. I’m intrigued! Please update soon? :D
12/16/2019 c1 Charmpanda
Do you know what I would do, if anyone EVER put a thing that counted my days to live in my body? That is such a miserable concept, quite apropos to futuristic stories and intriguing though. The idea just makes me sad. I find it interesting that Lily’s mother lost her emotions when given an artificial heart, since all the heart really does is pump blood. I honestly feel so sorry for Lily. Her life kinda sucks. I appreciated your descriptions this chapter. The one of Lily during the accident was very vivid, made me squeamish and pitying. So excellent work. In any case, this is an amazing and piquant premise. I’m interested to see how the story develops, and to see everyone’s rolls in it unfold. I’m wishing Lily the best! Wonderful work, and update soon! :)

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