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1/18 c1 kiara jasmine
halo author, have you tried to post your story in other platform? i am so interested in your work, my name is Jasmine an editor for a fast growing platform, may i know how to reach you professionally?
4/19/2021 c1 HeyCharles
Whoa, what a great story I just read. I suggest you join NovelStar’s writing competition, you might be their next big star.
4/7/2020 c1 Guest
Loved the story! Tbh, the creature sounds kind of like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Really spooky... I love it!
12/27/2019 c1 bonk
I think you should change the last line to, "The light withered to nothing."

But only if you went back and edited the story so that every now and then the light was described. Like it being so bright it burned his eyes for example.

If you did, and I just didn't notice because I was reading too fast, then oops.

Oh, and in the beginning I was able to visualize the creature's head spinning 180 and beckoning with a bare chicken bone finger, so good job there. :)

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