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for A Maiden and Her Knight

9/2 c22 18Sir Scott
Sir Gabriel will get a surprise when he returns. Faith is an interesting character.
~Sir Scott
9/2 c22 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new chapters. I hope he'll be able to pay the full price for the apples!
9/1 c22 ChipmunkRaccoon
Well now that she's no longer freezing, they just have to wait for food to come along.
5/29 c21 18Sir Scott
I never considered that a giantess would get so weak by missing a meal. For a few moments a figured Gabriel would have roughed the innkeeper up.
~Sir Scott
5/28 c21 ChipmunkRaccoon
Hopefully Sir Gabriel made it in time.
5/22 c20 Sir Scott
A very playful chapter. It nice to see Sir Gabriel and Ashley enjoy their time in the barn. I hope she makes him kiss her feet again and that she gets a big breakfast.
~Sir Scott
5/21 c20 ChipmunkRaccoon
I don't blame young Ashley for being upset that she hurt her dad.
5/17 c19 186Dougie Zerts
Sexy and romantic!
5/14 c19 ChipmunkRaccoon
I imagine Ashley outstretching her leg out from the water would be similar to Ariel in "The Little Mermaid". ;)
5/14 c19 18Sir Scott
That was an amazing chapter and Sir Gabriel was lucky to get watch Ashley take a bathe in the lake.
~Sir Scott
3/27 c18 186Dougie Zerts
Nice addition. It was cute seeing her interaction with the dragons!
3/21 c17 Dougie Zerts
Nice additon. I'm sure that she has pretty feet!
3/12 c15 Dougie Zerts
Nice new addition!
2/23 c13 Dougie Zerts
That's a very nice chapter. I hope they get married!
2/21 c13 ChipmunkRaccoon
I'd like to teach Laura some humility.
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