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for Legacy: A Hero Has Come

6/5 c5 1KiraHeartilly36
Sounds like things aren't going as smoothly for Josephine and Roland as they hoped
I'll keep my fingers crossed they can make things work out
Seems we have a potential second member of the harem?
And perhaps a third?
I hope the cloaked woman shows up again sooner rather than later!

And I hope Josephine's father can eventually learn to trust her autonomy
but I suppose he isn't as bad as some fathers!
5/4 c4 KiraHeartilly36
And so Roland runs off on a journey
Hopefully he can find someone to train him in the next town
I know lots of people learn by doing, but considering what happened against the boar I hope that he can find a less painful route to proficiency
5/3 c3 KiraHeartilly36
Okay since I technically already reviewed "Chapter 2" Fictionpress won't let me review the interlude because it doesn't recognize that a new chapter has been posted
So here is my review for the Interlude

So this is the infamous Jason Mors, huh? I kind of wonder what's up with the bounty, I think this is the first mention of it that I recall. I hope he gets to cross paths with Roland soon, they could probably benefit from a face to face meeting to go over some notes, huh?
He does seem a bit flirtatious but hopefully he knows not to cross too many lines, I'm never quite sure how to feel about characters like these
4/27 c2 KiraHeartilly36
Oh wow that was a bit more than I was expecting for T Rated Sex
But it looks like we're getting to know Josephine a bit better
And it seems we may have our first action scene happening soon
I hope that everybody makes it out okay!
4/26 c1 KiraHeartilly36
You've got good descriptions and a nice pace, not too rushed or anything
Baldur seems kind of like he needs a smack upside the head, but if all characters were perfect we wouldn't have conflict would we
Don't know much about Roland yet but Josephine seems cool

(I hope I've got the right names, I have a problem with mixing up character names)

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