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for The Only Giantess

5/1 c7 ChipmunkRaccoon
Little Candace sounds like a cute little girl. ;)
5/1 c7 18Sir Scott
That was close I was afraid the fence won't be built on time. Zara has to be careful about resting.
~Sir Scott
4/27 c6 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new chapter!
4/24 c6 18Sir Scott
Very interesting story. Zara is paying with fire though. I hope she doesn't get crushed.
~Sir Scott
3/27 c5 ChipmunkRaccoon
Guess Holly's used to eating tree branches.
3/25 c4 ChipmunkRaccoon
Imagine if Holly and Chrissie somehow met?
1/26 c3 Guest
I like the first 3 chapters and want to see the work they do. 3X the meals is something: Growing girl gotta eats!

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