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7/16/2021 c16 aviick
Thanks for the insight (wink wink)... This chapter had a different pace which I think lends to the way you add on as you explore concepts and are influenced by "story" that you come across. There is also this element of the vision and the experience of foreboding. I had to chuckle about the eating meat reference; I think that strikes home with many.
7/16/2021 c15 aviick
Dream chapters are always fascinating. The introduction of dream characters make me wonder about significance, past social interactions and the lasting influence that "types" play on the current self (whether good or bad). I wonder how this dream might influence the story.
7/14/2021 c16 19Sir Scott
Poor Francis that had to be a bad experience. I wonder if his visions will come true.
~Sir Scott
7/2/2021 c15 Sir Scott
That's interesting to know. Mr. Bacon must be cool despite being nerdy, because he is able to attract another female in his life. Poor Black Cat-Man got a raw deal.
~Sir Scott
4/22/2021 c1 PatGo
Great start! I'd like to see how this is going to turn out. You know what, you can publish your book in NovelStar, and I am sure that a lot of readers will love your work.
3/12/2021 c14 aviick
I found this chapter amusing and thoughtful. The sharing of the story of the magic underpants went well, with surprisingly little shock/awe. Reading your stories is always a learning experience for a reader such as myself.. I would anticipate a certain response, but you provide a different reaction than one might expect and then share how the humaninal world is quite different than our own. Good fantasy work!

The opening of the chapter reminded me of Jack and The Beanstalk (the Japanese film version from the late 70's or early 80's), which is a little thrill for me, plus the song was catchy too. I enjoyed this one!
3/3/2021 c14 Sir Scott
Although, sometimes, CGI effects can look unrealistic. I think it can be because of how they look too perfect. I liked how Alison was cool with Francis' talking underwear.
~Sir Scott
1/31/2021 c13 aviick
Simple, but magical solution to the problem of not knowing where Alison lives. The "whoa" response was interesting, as it was more muted than where I would have gone with it, but makes sense still. But how will he explain how he came to find her? What of the magic can be revealed and when or how quickly? Every decision has its own set of potential outcomes and so I am curious to see where these last two shorter chapters take us.
1/31/2021 c12 aviick
A short chapter seems fitting here. Cross species love, even platonic love, is just love. Thats a good thing to remember. I'm trying to imagine the scene with the bike. Thanks for the input about the choice of purple.. In some realms, purple is also the color of abuse/harm and indicates the strength of being a survivor or overall inner strength.
1/17/2021 c13 Sir Scott
Nice update. It would be so cool to have X-Ray vision. I hope they get your high blood pressure under control.
~Sir Scott
1/16/2021 c12 Sir Scott
Pretty good chapter. I'm looking forward to Alison meeting Francis's underwear.
~Sir Scott
1/11/2021 c11 aviick
Interesting chapter (especially given some of the commenting you provided to me in person). The challenge in most of society is finding the fit for most rather than the individual, as so much relies on the efforts of a group heading in a specific direction. Yes, there will always be the more individualistic elements, but "we" should contribute to the whole in order for all to benefit. Of course, you can poke holes in that statement for sure. Really depends on who are considered "all".
1/9/2021 c11 Sir Scott
That's a pretty good philosophy. I would like normal defined for me. I guess Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver was a classic normie.
~Sir Scott
12/20/2020 c10 aviick
That bit about how the underwear became enchanted is both funny and smart! Yes, who would have ever thought of a pair of undies being the receptacle of the wizard! And how fortunate for them that he left part of his essence behind to share his wisdom. Funny and totally makes sense now!
12/18/2020 c10 Sir Scott
Nice update. It would be creepy to have a soul in your underwear. 2008 was a tough year, so maybe they never released it.
~Sir Scott
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