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12/13/2020 c9 aviick
What an exciting short chapter! Leaves me recalling tales where 'magic' and mystery took place and the physical toll it can take on the character whom has the gift (or curse depending on how you view it). But, this is definitely unique story of yours, but steeped with some classical storytelling. Nice!
12/9/2020 c9 19Sir Scott
That was an amazing plot twist.
~Sir Scott
12/6/2020 c8 aviick
Magical underwear... If only we all had a pair! LOL

I like the explanation but the flow of the chapter was a bit off for me. I would like to have stayed on Francis for a bit longer in this chapter and explored what was going on with his discovery or what may be involved in why he was delighted more than cautious or disturbed in regard to the underwear. You mention the texture was super soft... I had a mindset of where will this lead us, but I will guess this will lead to a future chapter.

I do like the second half of the chapter and the background, as it does lay out more of a plot potential.
12/6/2020 c7 aviick
Interesting point about the invertebrates/firefighters... I had a conversation with someone who was a firefighter the other day wherein they pointed out how they felt unaccepted (due to being different), but how thankful people can be when they were needed. Judgement appears to be a persistent issue when people lack any sort of curiosity.
12/4/2020 c8 Sir Scott
It would be cool to have a pair of underwear like that.
~Sir Scott
12/1/2020 c7 Sir Scott
You made a mistake they're son which should their son, but other that it was a pretty cool chapter. It would be neat to find a buried treasure.
~Sir Scott
10/18/2020 c6 aviick
What a "birth" story! There is a sense of newness and awakenings that definitely tie into how you tell a story that pulses with descriptive then active chapters. This one I quite liked for all the details and the sense of familiar that you don't just nod your hat to in the chapter header, but made a point to elaborate upon in the chapter itself. Good job!
10/18/2020 c5 aviick
I can tell... lol

I enjoyed this brief chapter on the Mizzer genesis of sorts. It made me wonder about the debates people have here in this world about the species-specific environments and how/if those environments could exist with or without their current makeups. In a world of new discovery, there of course would exist the already in-existance population, but what would happen if new species or foreign were "invading" this new world. I did get that before, but your sci-fi has me thinking about my sci-fi... hmmm
10/15/2020 c6 Sir Scott
Interesting couple of chapters. It's always interesting to learn why a character behaves the way he does. Even if it is an inherited trait.
~Sir Scott
7/31/2020 c4 aviick
As we discussed just now, my thought was about footnotes, but I agree that for some readers, they may prefer the information within the storyline... Even though a shorter chapter, you have a good ability to include content that can be later broadened upon or pick at the reader's own level of awareness (e.g., reference to God's grace). Look forward to the story progressing.
7/11/2020 c4 Sir Scott
I like how the domestic animals are different from the wild animals. Of course, it would be nice to be both a deep thinker and to be in touch with nature.
~Sir Scott
6/26/2020 c3 aviick
I liked the exchanges between the two characters around understanding difference, because when most people think about snacks, we often make assumptions about others being able to consume or be exposed to the same as us (comfort foods too). It establishes that sense of difference in a very subtle but meaningful way that I can relate to in my own experiences around food with new friends.
6/26/2020 c2 aviick
So. thanks for clarifying the ages and the state of their platonic relationship (as they would only be platonic at the age of 5). It's a quick but engaging chapter, as there is a sense of urgency involved due to the action. You did a good job of introducing concept of "difference" here.. Very intriguing!
6/26/2020 c1 aviick
Stuck in the past.. I will have to look into the Japanese character as you mentioned, but this is a very descriptive chapter that enables me to visualize and connect to the story beyond the words on the page. And, the time warp made me chuckle.
6/15/2020 c3 Sir Scott
That was a pretty good story. I hope that they stay in touch.
~Sir Scott
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