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2/20 c1 38Woedin
Everyone we lose can live on eternal like in our dreams, in our thoughts, in our writings, in our art, and in our hearts. We can think back on their conversations, their advice, their humor, and their companionship. And they can exist even in the minds of strangers as well. If we only share what we can remember. For those people we've loved and lost, become part of our conscience, and will always be a part of us, as long as we never forget them. ~I think you've preserved a memory, with your thoughtful poem~
2/18 c1 45CitrusChickadee
Sad, but you really get the feeling of loss down well in the last few lines!
2/18 c1 64atalantea
Somehow this poem reminded me of death towards the end. I guess we all have to live with the fact that not everyone we love will stay. I like how apt the title is.
Keep writing!

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