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for Blood of the Galynels

4/4 c3 16mizgardenia21
Well. It looks like there’s something mighty strange afoot in this world. Poor Lydia, at least Jerron and I came to the same conclusion. Someone set her up!

All of that was too well staged, well until Jerron interrupted their plans.

And I adore how loyal Jerron’s personal staff is. It means that he treats them well and with respect. It’s awesome!

Perenees sounds like a snot nose teenager with authority issues. I wonder if he is tangled up in this mess or simply is a mess?

Welp I’ll leave this for today and *fingers crossed* I’ll be able to finish the other 3 that are posted tomorrow. Stay safe! Please stay safe!
4/4 c2 mizgardenia21
A marvelous second chapter I think that’s as far as I read the first time around. The details are perfect and it reads so smoothly.

I’m so excited to see what happens in the next chapter. I really liked Sef. She seems pragmatic and kind. I think Lydia and I are on the same page. We like her.

Jerron seems lovely.

And it’s disturbing that the sorcerers even the mostly scholarly ones are behaving out of their normal patterns. It sounds like a mobilization to me.
4/4 c1 mizgardenia21
I’ve been excited for this since I saw my email however I didn’t have the time to properly review this week. So I waited until I could do so.

First off yay! I’m so glad to see this posted. I loved it before and it’s super awesome now. Also I think I said it to you before and I’ll say it again, someone set her up.

This first meeting just sets a lovely tone on what their relationship might be like. I hope they become more than friends but I’m a romantic at heart.

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