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for Making It With Chrissie

8/27 c7 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new chapter!
8/27 c7 18Sir Scott
I was afraid that one of the giantesses were going to step on Remy Jr. I really feel sorry for poor Sam.
~Sir Scott
8/27 c7 ChipmunkRaccoon
At least she liked the dress.
8/25 c6 ChipmunkRaccoon
Chrissie WOULD get excited about using that fabric.
8/21 c6 Sir Scott
I hope Chrissie can do a good job making the dress for Jane.
~Sir Scott
5/10 c5 ChipmunkRaccoon
Not bad.
5/8 c5 Sir Scott
It was interesting seeing Chrissie on stage. You do a good job writing about sweet innocent giantesses.
~Sir Scott
4/2 c4 ChipmunkRaccoon
Certainly seems to be a challenge trying to explain how show business works to a 20-something year old giantess with the mindset of a 5 year old child.
3/25 c3 ChipmunkRaccoon
Just wait till Jane realizes that Chrissie is from the past.
3/20 c3 ChipmunkRaccoon
Well, Chrissie gets to have her hair braided. _
3/6 c1 186Dougie Zerts
Nice beginning!

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