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11/10 c19 Guest
This is the slowest burn ever. I feel like this couple is making zero progress. Vienna doubts everything he does. And Dante is an asshole at communicating anything.
11/6 c19 Guest
Bro update soon pls!
10/4 c18 jennylynn1425
Hi, it's me again. I just left a review as Jloh217 because I forgot that I changed my username. Whoops!

Anyway, just subscribed and can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)
10/4 c18 Jloh217
Wow. I absolutely love this story! You have an amazing gift for writing, and your characters have so much depth. I'm on the edge of my seat through each chapter, as you effortlessly weave all these family members together into a story that has a lot of heart. I love how you write Vienna, as a petulant child at times, yet not past the point of disbelief. Then she transforms into a professional member of The Family, while still arguing with her fiance.

I am curious to see what happens next, and how Dante and Vienna navigate the future as her Don is now unexpectedly gone, and the brewing conflict between Gino and Dante. I did love hearing that her father said he loved her, at their last interaction. Really, a great story. I devoured it in two days, and am thrilled for future updates... Although the slow burn is killing me! But what can I say, I adore it anyway!

Thanks for crafting this story and I can't wait to see what's in store for us!
8/11 c17 yaraaaa
Wow, this chapter was an interesting one. Vienna and Dante’s relationship literally took a leap but I sense that this leap is gonna be short. Soon, they’ll have to backtrack. Hope you update soon. I am wondering more about Royce and how he will come into play.
7/3 c17 Guest
The way Dante wants Vienna to see him as better than Royce without addressing that she was forced into a relationship with him but chose Royce...not the best. The jealousy makes sense, but they've never discussed how Vienna could move on from Royce. And the way he starts such bathroom activities without her express consent...umm. And during a fight- no. And it's only justified by the fact that she gains sexual pleasure from it. The story is well-written and engaging, but I think they'd be better as business partners until they can at least sort themselves out emotionally and communicate better. Dante has a lot of baggage he's suppressing, and Vienna hasn't closed off her former relationship.
6/11 c1 shiran.zhang
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5/26 c17 anki
please do not make us wait long for the next!
thank you :)
5/24 c17 11Myst Marshall
This time, I'm writing the review as I read so hopefully it'll make much more sense since it will be in chronological order and not me forgetting everything that happened and focusing on one epic scene in the chapter and then a garbled collection of thoughts once I get over the hype haha.

OH MY, the beginning! It's been a while, but I remember that scene so vividly when you wrote it at the beginning of the story. It was about her ex boyfriend...and now it's about Dante? This was such a brilliant and creative way to execute the shift of her feelings. Also haha "pleasant" dream. :)

Something I wanted to point out is how you manage to balance dialogue with actions. I've always struggled with finding that balance and seen many stories where it seems that characters stay completely still when they are talking or it's blocks of text to describe actions/surroundings. I really appreciate how you were able to weave both elements together to make it seem so seamless (ie Dante gets out of shower scene/Vienna just woke up).

Banter on point as always. "You put a ring on it!" This line made me smile haha.

"No, I don't like to share." HAD to point this out! I swear I could feel Dante staring into my soul from the screen when he delivered this line. I probably mentioned this a dozen times before but the way you write the tension between these two, it always seems to roll off of the pages(screen).

The characterization - I'm going to mention this every single review, I swear lol. Not sure why this is the first time I'm really noticing Angeline's character, but wow. The getting ready for prom scene did so well in capturing her personality as a moody teenager. Especially adored the part where Angeline pretends to not want Dante there but is actually pleased. It's these little descriptions that really bring a character to life! Also it's quite refreshing the way you characterize a teenager, not too exaggerated. Also special mention for how Dante bought Vienna Sour Patch Kids haha.

So glad I wrote my thoughts about the first half of the chapter already because I would most definitely have been distracted with that ending haha. Whew. First I wanted to mention that I feel for Vienna since she's stuck in between her family (by blood) and family (to be) - not to mention that her marriage is for the sake of combining both families to begin with. Really sucks that both of them, Gino and Dante, made assumptions about Vienna. Of course, as the reader from Vienna's POV, we know clearly what exactly is going on, but I do think both of them are quite hot-headed in jumping into conclusions. However, in my opinion, both reactions were quite justified. I love that previous character development is coming back (ie Gino's boiling hatred for Dante as a result of the previous incident spilling over and possibly a bit of mistrust towards Vienna as a result) and how in the beginning, Dante mentioned he didn't like to share. I'm just curious what Gino could need Vienna's help for, especially when he doesn't have that much trust in Vienna right now.

The tension. Whew. I actually pictured the bathroom scene so vividly in my head as I was reading, like I was watching a movie or something. Captivating as always. Haha I don't think I need to say much about the ending of this chapter - their relationship is escalating and I'm excited to see what part 2 is going to be like. :)

See you next chapter!
5/21 c17 Guest
Wait, that sun kissed joke was originally Royce, right? If so, I’m guessing that implies some serious character development / moving on on Vienna’s part? Also, that ending scene with Dante was pure (hot!) jealousy. Can’t wait to see how Dante reacts when he finds out it was actually Gino, haha.

So nice to see Dante opening up more about his mom and how they seem to meld into each other’s families so well. Looking forward to more. :)

5/21 c17 Guest
Woah! We definitely turned up the heat in here! As much as I love their fiery arguments, I really enjoyed the relatively normal convo in the beginning! And of course, the end— not over yet thankfully :D
5/17 c16 yaraaaa
Hope you update soon. Really excited with what you will come up with for the ending. I see some correlation between Vienna and Dante’s Mother. Maybe, she will ask him to leave but then again it won’t be that easy for Vienna to leave from her own family. Hmm. See you next time.
3/18 c16 Guest
Omg please update۔ love this
3/16 c16 NP
Ahhh we can’t be done so soon, right? They’re just warming up! I feel like we still need lots more back story on their families, esp Gino, her ex, Dante’s mom, etc etc. Nonetheless you’re a great writer and thanks for sharing this story with us!
3/14 c16 Sierra
I’m so glad that the morning after wasn’t anywhere near as awkward/cold as I thought it would be. The scene with Angeline and the box of condoms was a really nice touch, foreshadowing Vienna learning the truth about Carmela in the dressing room. I am so glad that situation wasn’t what it seemed. I love any moment with Stefan in it haha but I loved Dante’s reaction to Vienna’s hand on Stefan’s shoulder, even if it was uncalled for lol. Also loved Dante’s vulnerability about his mom at the end. Glad to see character development with both Dante and Vienna.

Wait how close to the end is close?! I mean yeah Vienna has realized her physical attraction but is she actually close to admitting to herself or anyone else that she likes him? It doesn’t feel like she is yet, especially with the Royce situation not being settled yet.

As always, awesome update and can’t wait to read the next chapter!

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