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7/2 c21 yaraaaa
I really hope you are doing well and will someday come back to this story.
5/15 c21 jennylynn1425
Just back and rereading this amazing story again! I love their slow burn and can't wait to see where you take this in future chapters!
2/13 c1 Guest
Do you visit Wikia/Fandom? If you do how about you visit Wiki like the Love Interest Wikia, Shipping Wikia, The Fanon shipping Wikia etc? Wikia is also called Wiki due to Wikia is a Wiki like Wikipedia is Wiki. You can do thing for it like make gifs, add images to categories, create pages,etc.
10/14/2022 c22 yaraaaa
Hope you are doing well and will come back to this story
10/11/2022 c2 Luciddreamfictions
Hello Author,
I just wanted to comment and check in. I hope you’re doing ok, I’ve been following this story for a long time and you have never taken this long of a break between chapters so I’m just concerned. I’ve still been frequently checking to see if there has been an update and I’m still holding out hope. I hope all is well!
7/23/2022 c22 NoGoodNameIdeas
I just wanted to let you know that your story is really interesting and I’m super glad it wasn’t left on a massive cliffhanger when I first read it :) Super excited for the next chapter!
6/27/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hi! I would like to invite you to join our platform to present a good quality story to our readers! Send me a message if this offer piqued your interest!
4/29/2022 c22 Guest
Oh no no no we want Vienna and Dante based chapters
Pls. Don’t do dis. T_T
Also I’m kind of impressed by Dante. No over the top jealousy and accusations in an already stressful situation. #goals
Also Dis poor gurl. Ex is a mobster too. Although frankly I don’t see anything wrong with it hehe. Kind of hot. From an online readers perspective at least. Heh.
And you know what? I hope at some point in their antagonistic relationship Dante realizes Vienna would have totallyyyy gon for him from that start if he hadn’t been forced on her. Like slow burn hate to enemies is great but idk why I want him to know.
I know mr Gino is bad bad bad. And he’s not here. Which is great but also feels like the calm before the storm
4/26/2022 c22 Guest
Great chapter
Also could u please remind me who Georgie was
4/25/2022 c22 jennylynn1425
Love this update! I enjoyed the Royce confrontation, and seeing Vienna and Dante get closer (while still running away) is frustrating but oh so delicious to the slow burn!

Can't wait for the next chapter, I'm sure it will be worth the wait! Also take care of yourself, we will be here whenever your updates come! ️
4/17/2022 c1 Guest
Pleeass update
I know u have it ready
Why u gotta do this
3/29/2022 c21 Guest
Omg I was so enjoying the tentative understanding they were developing! Royce better back off lol. And I’m still not clear about the mystery surrounding everything and why Dante has a target on his back..? What’s going on! Let Vienna into the loop!
3/29/2022 c21 Guest
Ahhh more micro doses yum

Alsooooo whattttt no shooo this is Dante only zone
I think I’ll hate Vienna if she needs to confirm her feelings or some shit now
Not cool
3/24/2022 c1 Guest
Literally been a month and no news
3/18/2022 c20 Guest
Yooooo she’s back.
Seeing this updated literally made my day. But but but what do you mean? are we near the end? I feel like there’s so much left to unbox how Are we even close.
Also if the chapters ready to go .
Could u
U know
Post it
Pretty please
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