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11/10/2020 c3 7DixieTanner19
Interesting chapter. I usually do not read time travel stories, but this one caught my eye for some reason. I have always been interested in the middle decades of the 20th century, and I have always wondered about possible alternate timelines in that specific era.

The last line was of interest too, the ambiguity makes it intriguing. Either Jo just fell for the pastor at first sight, or that she has a sense of duty to oppose the Nazis. I wonder if this is some past life story as well...
11/6/2020 c23 zagato
Maybe Fritz gave his heart for Beth so that's why he's gone in this timeline.
10/29/2020 c22 zagato
Cliffhanger, thanks for the update
9/23/2020 c18 zagato
Maybe they will move to America.
7/3/2020 c11 zagato
this is so sweet and a bit racy for her to write that, thank you!
5/29/2020 c8 zagato
Thank you for the chapter. I researched The Land of Smiles and learned that it has a beautiful but bitterswet story.
5/6/2020 c5 zagato
this is a great story, kindly continue, thank you.
4/2/2020 c2 47addledwalrus
Getting von Trapp vibes from him...
3/24/2020 c1 addledwalrus
Those two girls have rather unfortunate names, at least in my opinion. I got the impression that this was Sharon and Jo's first meeting with each other, but then it turned out that Sharon already knew about Jo's family.

Are they supposed to be old friends?

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