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7/31 c16 6Polished Gem
Dun Dun dun! What will happen next? I never would have expected that you would make him a millionaire. I wonder if Drea's joke about suing Tristan to pay for college will affect his ability to trust her even more. Obviously he's worried that people will be after him just for his money, so he probably doesn't want people to know in general. And possibly, his arrogant ass behavior is a way of holding people at arm's length because he doesn't trust them. Has he had a girlfriend in the past that was just trying to get to him for his money and never really cared about him? It could explain his paranoia in this area. Well, hopefully, we'll get the new installment soon. Now that people are getting back to work, I imagine it's not as easy for you to update as quickly as when everything was shut down.
7/27 c16 Chimel321
Amazing !
7/24 c9 1Vinet
It's been a little while since i could catch up, but did we previously know that Paul was doing drugs? If not, iI feel like it's a topic that should have gotten more attention beforehand and afterwards. I think it could have been done by Aundrea possibly finding something like used syringes in the trash or hidden stashes somewhere in the house depending on what Paul was using and maybe drag it out with Aundrea trying to figure out if it was Paul or her father using drugs.
6/30 c15 6Polished Gem
I hope she doesn't have any more problems with Lance in the future. I'm worried, though, because she chose not to press charges that she will have issues. Seeing as he's a repeat offender, I imagine he'll try again if he gets the chance provides itself.
It was interesting that Paul was thinking about Tristan and saying he's not such a bad guy. And then he mentioned that he sort of understands his behavior...I wonder if he understands because Paul acted kind of like him after his mother died. Seeing as you had mentioned earlier in the book that Paul had been getting in trouble and starting fights for a bit after her death, it makes me wonder. So the question is, if Paul was hung up on his mother's death...what is Tristan hung up on? Ooh, questions, questions.
I must admit, I have absolutely no theories for you regarding Tristan's issues because he has never opened up about his personal life. I'm curious what themes the next chapter will revolve around.

I don't know if it was like that when I sent it to you, but there is a (when3) and then it continues on at a new paragraph with (Tristan) but it's all part of the same sentence...hmm...somehow the typo happened, whether it was me or you, I'm not sure...but we should fix that.
6/21 c14 Polished Gem
I didn't expect you to make her have feelings for Scott. That's an interesting twist as I think you want her to end up with Tristan in the end. And Tristan protected her from Lance. Maybe there's no feelings on her side, but it looks like some might be developing on Tristan's side.
6/21 c14 Guest
This is really good! I'm impressed with the complexity of your characters and the different twists. I can't wait to read the next chapter, please update soon!
6/14 c13 Polished Gem
Interesting instalment. Not what I was expecting for sure. Curious what will happen next.

An happy...a happy
An hesitant...a hesitant the only time you use an is when it has h but sounds like a vowel...like an honest...
There were two other things that I was going to mention from the chapter, but on my mobile device it doesn’t allow me to scroll back while writing the review and I’ve forgotten exactly what they were.
5/28 c12 Polished Gem
I like the jokes you added in there. They help to drive the plot along well. :)
5/24 c11 Polished Gem
Ooh, intriguing! This chapter has made everything all that much more interesting! I'm curious what will happen next. I'm thinking that Joanna likely won't tell Tristan because it will put her in a bad light for withholding information from him in the first place. But Aundrea can always hope. I wonder what else she is telling Tristan behind 'Drea's back?

Although this experience has thought me (taught me)
There were also two instances where you used I'm when it should have just been I
5/18 c10 Polished Gem
I’m assuming that the romance will burgeon between Aundrea and Tristan? Just an assumption because you have added More obstacles between them. The story is interesting, needs a bit of editing. Pull is still my favourite of your stories. :)
5/18 c4 Polished Gem
I'm curious where the romance is going to develope as that information is not listed in the short story explanation...I'll keep on going. So far it seems interesting.
Just a little tidbit:
Tingle is a sensation that can run up and down your spine when you're nervous, scared, aroused, etc...
Tinkle is to pee.
5/18 c1 Polished Gem
Interesting start. Amazing that you can write in present tense with so little hitches. Past tense is always my go to for storytelling. If I tried present, I'd have so many typos it wouldn't even be funny...
I made suggestions below...

I can't help but think when Matts family (would) finally (dismiss)...
Sure, we have a website (comma)
generation who (would) rather
I'm down with the times. But to me, (it feels a bit run onish otherwise...)
which is my I enjoy (why)
After a quick stop (run on sentence. I'd reformat the way you see it and break it down.)
Laughter catch(es)
Usually, I (comma...and this sentence feels like it needs to be broken up...)
(I) falter. It's barely a second(;) he nods at me and keeps going.
self centered(. D)ad and I
Of course not(;) no need to be rude
muscle in his jaws...drop the s in jaws
it's not even a that bad...all?
5/2 c6 Nikki
So excited to see you have a new story! Really enjoying it so far
4/8 c1 1Vinet
I love this so far! Aundrea seems like a really relatable character and I can't wait to see if she runs into Tristan more often.

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