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for Unexpected - ON HOLD

4/26 c7 Guest
Emily is acting like needy entitled spoilt child. Sorry need to get it out. She is going to damage Matt.
4/26 c6 Guest
You really write well. But as romance story I absolutely hate it. I think Emily is too needy and Matt is too obsessed with her. Frankly he needs to spread some wing before this fling takes place.
4/27 c7 1Melane
So glad to see Emily shoot her shot. And it paid off! If only we were all just as brave and went for what we wanted (ah, I can only wish). Can't wait to see how their date unfolds!
4/22 c5 Melane
I really love this, it has a beautifully sweet and nostalgic plot. I'm really excited to read more about Matt and Emily!
4/11 c1 Guest
If you plan on developing Matt's relationship with his brother, throwing out that Joey has Down Syndrome right in the beginning may not be a good place.

I didn't know Alex was a girl until the chapter was more than halfway over but I could have missed it before since I was skim-reading.

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