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8/13 c9 18Sir Scott
Jorund has a nice relationship with Florence. Although, he needs to stand up for himself for more.
~Sir Scott
8/13 c9 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new chapter-very sweet!
8/7 c8 18Sir Scott
So far it looks like Jorund's mother is taking it well. Although, I figured she would say something about how tight Florence holds him.
~Sir Scott
8/2 c7 186Dougie Zerts
It's nice that's he's faithful to his giantess wife!
7/30 c7 18Sir Scott
I'm glad that Jorund will be able to get some comfortable clothes. Lofts are pretty eager too and it sounds like the one that grabbed him could make a good mate.
~Sir Scott
7/23 c6 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new chapter. He should massage her feet, after a day's work!
7/23 c6 18Sir Scott
Pretty interesting chapter. Jorund's luck seems kind of mixed. I hope Florence gets along with her new mother-in-law.
~Sir Scott
7/18 c5 ChipmunkRaccoon
7/17 c5 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new chapter!
7/16 c5 18Sir Scott
Pretty interesting. To me it would take time to get use to being with a woman that needy.
~Sir Scott
6/26 c4 186Dougie Zerts
Nice new addition!
I assume Mayer Jodie is also barefooted?
6/20 c4 ChipmunkRaccoon
And so their bonding begins.
6/18 c4 18Sir Scott
Wow, Maxine sounds scary. I'm glad that they were bonded without a hitch. Of course, the next part will be exciting and frightening for Jorund.
~Sir Scott
6/12 c3 Sir Scott
That had to be embarrassing for him to have to wear doll's clothes. Better than the sack though.
~Sir Scott
6/5 c2 Sir Scott
Interesting chapter. I hope he can live with all the small annoyances for the long term.
~Sir Scott
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