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5/3 c1 3icaruswalks
ooh so this is like a twist on 'they were roommates' to 'they were next door neighbors' haha. also benjamin's neighbor sounds so cute with her blasting while she paints away at twenty different canvases. sucks though for ben that she's just waayyy too loud and i am on his side that i would be annoyed too especially if i try to solve the problem on my own by moving stuff around or buying noise-canceling stuff. wondering how his ice-cold demeanor will be broken down but with a girl named 'blossom' can see it coming haha c:
5/1 c3 3AA Hart
Of course the HR lady's name is Karen haha. And oh, Clara... that isn't going to end well, is it? I'm glad you found a good way to push Ben & Blossom together, even if he's going to be grumpy about it for a while...
5/1 c2 AA Hart
I identify so much with grumpy ol' Ben wanting peace and quiet, but I also can't wait for him to soften up and come to appreciate Blossom. I look forward to what's next! PS Good idea to clarify at the beginning of the chapter that Ava is Ben's sister!
5/1 c1 AA Hart
Haha! This is an excellent first chapter. I am wincing on account of his suffering at his neighbor's hands, as well as laughing. Poor guy. The ending was just right: "The name's Blossom..." "Of course it is." Amazing.
4/17 c1 190Dougie Zerts
Nice beginning. Will there be more?

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