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for Blue and Gold

5/9/2020 c1 7Mislav
Pretty creepy, interesting and intense story. Good sequel to "Necrotize", and a decent way of expanding and building up the lore. Interesting-and disturbing-angle with the knife that compels people to kill, even after they throw it away. I liked how Alicia went into the alleyway to kill someone and ran into Necrotize. Interesting reveal about the knife having belonged to Necrotize's sister. I hope you will expand on that later. This line was chilling: "You have no reason to fear me Alicia Brown. I have no reason to hurt you, or Eben and Lynne Andrews. Your souls have been promised to another." It may sound merciful, but it really isn't. I took it that meant they were destined to go to Hell. Nice touch with making your first story a horror movie in this one. Keep up the great work. I will definitely read more of your stories, including the first one.

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