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for I Need a Hero Part 1

7/3 c45 1BlackBerry55
Joe HAS to be in the sequel. His story, and his redemption of Mia. It HAS to happen now.
7/3 c45 2Dark-Cupid-95
Wow. I am actually shedding tears. Joe and Mia are finally back together.
7/2 c43 1BlackBerry55
Don't do it, Oscar. Move on, accept this loss, and just keep going the other way. Don't make my brother and I tear you to shreds.
7/2 c43 2Dark-Cupid-95
If Oscar was smart he'd stay the hell away from Mia and Ashley. Unless, of course, you DO want me to torture him in my story.
7/1 c41 1BlackBerry55
How long was Jones held and tortured? I hope it was at least one week.
6/30 c40 BlackBerry55
Yes! Take Jones to your ‘special’ warehouse. We ALL know what’s about to happen to him.

As for the reunion, I felt it. I felt ALL of it. I never thought I’d be happy for Mia, but I am. This whole story has taken me for an emotional ride.
6/29 c38 BlackBerry55
Nice try, but I’m not gonna feel sorry for a white supremacist Neo-Nazi. Draw and quarter the piece of shit already!

And free Mia soon.
6/29 c38 2Dark-Cupid-95
Yeah, I'm not feeling sorry for Keith Jones. No way, no how, no chance in hell.

As for Peter; I honestly don't see him holding Mia and Joe's encounter against either of them. He HAS to understand this was before Mia knew anything about Peter. He has to know that really isn't fair.
6/29 c37 1BlackBerry55
Keith Jones, without giving any orders, just got ALL of the Feds and law enforcement agencies on his back for that little stunt his men (going rogue, but still) just pulled. He's got no CHOICE but to die horribly at this point.

Also, Peter is gonna FLIP HIS JUNK when finds the full details about Joe. He'd probably hate Mia for the rest of his life once he finds out just why she wanted to relive that experience.
6/28 c36 BlackBerry55
Jones still needs to die in prison shower for this.
6/28 c36 2Dark-Cupid-95
6/27 c35 Dark-Cupid-95
EVERY TIME I read this chapter, I get more and more PISSED at Jones!
6/27 c35 1BlackBerry55
Wow. I think you finally made Jones more unlikable than Mia.
6/25 c32 BlackBerry55
Ricardo’s vulnerability here is masterfully done, that much is certain. This said, Jones’s death needs to be suitably punishing, yet dignified.
6/24 c30 2Dark-Cupid-95
You know, at least Jones, as the Big Bad of this story, is gonna have the courtesy to die at the end here. He is leader of a racist organization, and believes wholeheartedly in white supremacy, and meets the appropriate end, as he should. Mia, on the other hand, isn't so courteous.
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