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for The Heir and the Spared

6/1 c27 Guest
Brilliantly written story! You blended true history and imagined scenarios, emotions, and conversations flawlessly! Thank you!
6/1 c25 Guest
I cannot even imagine! How heartrending! Philip had me on the verge of tears. I am SO GLAD though that they have a living baby and though not of their flesh, surely will be loved. Absolutely love that they honored Bess by naming their daughter Elizabeth.
6/3 c27 11empiresofwater
Oh, what a wonderful story this has been! I really enjoyed it, you have a really lovely style to read, full of emotion and detail and lots of great characters!
5/31 c24 Guest
Love Bess as a character - what a good friend - so selfless and faithful (and funny too - loved her response to Sarah's naming her a saint).

Yay that Phillip was able to be there for the birth! Seems like such a sweet husband.

What anguished worry they must be experiencing!
5/31 c23 Guest
Love the way that you have written your characters, especially the ones that you created. Really like Sarah and Phillip and glad that you included Bess.
5/31 c22 Guest
Glad James stood up to Sutherland.
5/30 c23 Guest
Very interesting story. I like how you're handling your characters.
5/31 c24 empiresofwater
This was such a beautifully written chapter! You have such a way with balancing description and emotions and inner dialogue. I really love the characters’ journeys so far :)
5/28 c20 LoveMamaBee
Really enjoying this story!
5/21 c16 Guest
I am loving this story! Still hoping for a happy ending for Phillip and Sarah, and even for James and Mary (brief though real history may require for them). Thank you!
5/21 c14 empiresofwater
Still really enjoying this! You really have such great pacing and a readable, evocative writing style, guiding through all the twists and turns and little historical details!
5/13 c10 Guest
And in an instant...*Mary was back to that time

Enjoying this story. Thank you for posting.
5/11 c7 Guest
5/8 c5 Guest
Oh, I'm so happy for them! Philip seems so sweet. They have such a hard road ahead of them that I do agree with Sarah that they will definitely need God to survive the future together.
5/6 c4 Guest
Who is Michael sitting in the pews in the chapel? What?! How difficult! Wonder what happened to change the plans.
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