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8/2 c3 15Charmpanda
Well gee. This chapter was a ray of sunshine. Goodness, I’m all sad now. I’m absolutely heartbroken at the prospect that Emily could’ve gone home, but didn’t, and positively devastated that Gale’s gonna beat her for it. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so sad. Just don’t like to see Emily suffer. It tugs at my heart strings. Jiro, my buddy! When he’s not being evil, Pandore and I are usually playing around with a him and Valerian ship. Jiro’s a pretty cool dude so hopefully he doesn’t do too much to make me hate him. Well, this chapter absolutely breezed by. I have to find away to help myself feel better. I’m looking forward to going into more detail about Gale and Junipper’s party. Great job, and update as soon as you can! :)

#Mute Toma, best Toma! :) Like god he is sooooooo cute!
6/8 c2 Charmpanda
I DID enjoy actually. I’m sorry I couldn’t review immediately. I haven’t had any time to myself. Despite all the stories I want to get working on, I don’t have much room to breathe with my cousins around. But, enough about my excuses, let’s talk about this AWESOME story! You should update more frequently. I really enjoy the energy of this story. I just love that the boys have this familial relationship. Goodness, Elijah looks so unhealthy. It sounds like his side effect might be hemophilia. Yeah, I too am curious as to why Junipper would keep Toma and Spandel around. Elijah seems to be the one with the real, credible talent. Mute Toma is so cute! I mean, Mute characters are adorable in general. I have a whole handful of them. But angry marshmallow Toma being unable to speak right now is just really flippin my pancakes precious. Like, dang. Dayum! Do you know how fine Spandel would look in a suit? at a fancy dinner? talking in his sleepy honeyed voice? Feeewww, look out Emily! :D Nah, I’m kidding. But I can’t wait to see the dinner, nor do I have any suspicions to deduce what Elijah’s up to, sooooo, update quickly! And great job!
5/10 c1 Charmpanda
I’ll go ahead and say that I already prefer the tone and premise of this story. It’s natural, and I like that there isn’t a bit of heavy stuff right away. It’s more modern too, and I enjoy the subjects being treated as buying material as well as tools. Call me odd, but I love it when slaves have to get all dolled up for their buyers. I don’t know why, but it’s so satisfying. Gods help me, maybe I am a little Kyadine-ish I also appreciate the companionship amongst the subjects. It’s something old Magenta didn’t have. A lot of interesting figures have been brought up too. “Peace out!” I honestly love this journalist. Hilarious. And, it’s not like she’s wrong. Arcadian citizens don’t seem to care. Oh, my poor Kirron Baby is dying over here. He’s so lonely! Scene with Princess was adorable. I’ma guess Junipper’s prized men are Toma, Spandel, aaaaaaand ... Emerson. I know I’m wrong. Watch it be a completely random trio like Felix, Aspen, and Christopher or something. Or maybe they’re a bunch of new OCs. Who knows? Well, I guess you do.
In any case. Good long start here! I’m glad you’re looking forward to this story, as I am too. Content is rated T, so I’m assuming everything is a little toned down. That’s fine. I’m more than interested to see what you do, so update soon Kay?

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