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for Night Shadow Issue 6: Ketchup King & Mustard Queen's Deadly Antics

7/5 c3 TGN
I don't know if you teased this to me earlier or not, but I wonder if Bertram has encountered someone from one of the previous NS issues. Apparently, it's a female, but nothing's ringing in my head to make a guess.

And already, I can see the contrast between the food from Ketchup King and Mustard Queen, the latter of whom has the better-tasting food from what Mason ate. However, time consumption is her biggest flaw. KK seems to make burgers that are not as appetizing, but his signature condiment seems to be a major plus to give it flavor. Both of these guys have some pros and cons with how they handle their food. But again, I have to wonder if they'll ever get along after their intense debate.

I'll try to read the next one whenever I can!

6/17 c2 TGN
So... it’s been a month since I got to read this again. Shit. Sorry about that.

Sydney’s show sounded like a great time, but it sucks how Mason got caught up to miss it. And with the Condiment siblings up in arms with a massive debt, it looks like they have another reason to compete for bragging rights. Yet it seems like it will brew up another toxic fight between the two. I wonder if they’ll ever repair their relationship. Fighting with your family is always a relatable yet stressful thing to deal with.

5/25 c1 TheGameNguyener
I did the see the link to this that you sent me on Twitter, but my first week of my summer class made me very busy. That, and I was working on Hotel Horror and playing Animal Crossing. :/

But the latest issue of NS is off to a promising start. Seems as though these new characters of Mustard Queen and Ketchup King have some kind of disconnection towards each other. It's clear that it's all about competition over the better restaurant, yet it feels like they're taking this situation way over their heads. I can't imagine how their animosity will play a role in this story until I see how it all unfolds. I'll try to make progress with the reading whenever I can. Until then, have a safe Memorial Day, and I'll catch you in the next one, dude!

~TheGameNguyener (TGN)

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