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6/12 c15 5PhoenixArisen
That's good to hear :) Progress is always the way forward in life.
6/12 c14 PhoenixArisen
lol, that origami thing sounds rather hilarious and good! :P Was the crane difficult to create?
6/12 c13 PhoenixArisen
I would love to go abroad someday, maybe next year. I've never went abroad apart from that one school trip to France, but that was for the day.

lol, my boyfriend tends to go to various countries and he wants to take me someday.
6/12 c12 PhoenixArisen
Ahh, I miss sweet potato fries now. I sometimes had them when I went out to restaurants.

Yeah, the face masks thing I watched. It's a good thing I bought three sets of them for me and my mum and dad.
6/12 c11 PhoenixArisen
I haven't used Babbel, so I wouldn't know lol. But I heard it's rather good.

How did you get on with the Russian course?
6/12 c10 PhoenixArisen
Oh wow, the best of luck with your flat. Just remember if you do get it, you have to measure up the rooms and space so you can fit everything in :)
6/12 c9 PhoenixArisen
Jeez, I didn't realise how expensive university is nowadays...

When I last went uni each year the fee was £3,000. And that was going back 10 years ago lol. Guess I should feel a bit more luckier.
6/12 c8 PhoenixArisen
Dominic Cummings is such an idiot. Can't believe that he actually got away with what he did.
5/30 c7 PhoenixArisen
Jeez, I haven't stepped foot in either Tesco or Boots for a long time now thanks to this lockdown. But I'm glad that you're getting on okay.
5/30 c6 PhoenixArisen
There's something about exercise that makes you feel so much better :) Mostly I do walks along with martial arts.
5/30 c5 PhoenixArisen
Looks like you had an interesting day then :)

You do have a good taste in books. Admittedly I don't read crime or thrillers, but I do like romance. I've recently finished re-reading the Harry Potter books.
5/30 c4 PhoenixArisen
Have to admit that the story about your friend's hair catching on fire made me smile just a bit. It's a shame that nothing like that happened back when I was in school.

And I totally get you. Sometimes I sneak up on people and when I talk they just jump a mile into the air. lol, my dad once called me The Silent Assassin for that reason.
5/30 c3 PhoenixArisen
Have to agree, they are quite random ideas.
5/30 c2 PhoenixArisen
You're not the only one who eats a lot of chocolate lol. Best of luck with your plan.

It kinda reminds me of last year when I done a de-chox challenge for the whole of February. A whole month without consuming chocolate was so difficult but I managed to pull it off. I remember quite clearly that at work someone offered me a slice of chocolate cake and that was such a tough moment.
5/30 c1 PhoenixArisen
It's actually quite good that you are reading more. I'm an avid reader and I'm currently taking part in the Reading Challenge on goodreads. So far I have read 81 books this year.

lol, that Facebook event sounds funny. Yeah, Dominic Cummings is such an idiot. It's just so disgusting that there's one rule for the Government and another rule for the British public.

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