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for Practising Gratitude Challenge

7/2 c8 41Woedin
What a beautiful awakening, I wish you both, good fortunes. ~And do keep writing, friend~
6/23 c1 Nice Series
I really like the idea behind this series here. I honestly don't think a lot of us practice gratitude towards our lives and this inspires me to want to try this!
6/4 c1 Woedin
It's truly an admirable quality to have principles and to display good character in our interactions with people and in our daily lives. And showing gratitude for all we have is also very commendable. I'd not thought of transcribing a list before of things that I'm grateful for. Its an interesting concept that almost sounds like an consciousness exercise from one of my old "English Lit" professors back in the day. ~An intriguing offering~
6/4 c2 97rust phoenix
This is such a lovely idea. I'm glad you're able to recognize so many positive qualities in yourself and your life! It definitely makes life better to have that perspective.

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