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No email notifications for PMs is definitely a problem. I spent my first few months not knowing there were PMs. On finding out, I realized I had missed out on a lot. It's like an additional email account you have to check every day, just in case you get a message. It would certainly make things a lot easier if notifications were imposed.

On the other hand, the ads are surprisingly not a problem for me, and it's not as if I have Ad-Blocker on or anything. I guess the ads simply don't load on my computer. I've literally just been getting blank spaces that I now know are where the ads are supposed to be. But I can see how that can be annoying, and am grateful that I don't have to see all the ads.

The real question is: What can we do about these problems? I have no idea. Not many people have actually complained about it yet, so there's a very small chance it's going to be fixed anytime soon.

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