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6/4/2020 c1 48Woedin
Truly a heavy topic, I appreciate you informing people about the initial crime we all saw and condemn. I showed up and was there holding my sign outside APSU and later in Nashville, to stand alongside my friends and neighbors in solidarity for the injustice that was done to GF. Until these political outside agitators came, these ideologs and terrorist's staging and turning what was a peaceful protest into their twisted revolution, actually convincing people I thought I'd known to join in their violence. They've been not only destroying our city and defacing our institutions, but these anarchists' are injuring and killing innocent people across our country now. I regret being near any part of what this has devolved into, nothing good is coming from what's happening now, only more suffering. In two weeks I pray to be on the other side of the world, and as far away from this growing insanity as I can get. I've never wanted to hurt anyone, I'm an engineer, I fix and repair things. I would like to be a poet and song writer to help people with observation, example, and advice in the same vain. But I can see no way to fix any of this complete disorder and confusion, other then to just stop so calmer minds might prevail! God help us through. ~I do thank you for your calm voice amidst this turmoil though, so please keep writing~

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