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6/16 c9 1Scribhneoir45
Jaydee! This story is fantastic so far! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I started, but like any good book I was hooked straight away and read all 8 chapters in one sitting. As you know, I’m already a fan of Johnny from your other fic, but that was always as a supporting character, secondary to the main ones. The fact that the story is now in his head and following him through the experience really changes how I see him. Johnny has always been an enigmatic and seemingly fearless character. You do a great job now of juxtaposing how he comes across to others from the outside, with the reality of the fears and emotions he’s actually feeling on the inside. He still has the strength that I love about his character, but now seems much more human and relatable. I can also see how these characteristics would make him an intriguing target to an enemy and I’m waiting with dreaded anticipation for what’s to come!

I hope you continue this story. I know from experience that it isn’t as easy to get readers on this site as it is on , but hopefully your following will grow. I also see you getting work published in the future, the standard of this so far is as good as any of the books I read.

Looking forward to more,
Scribh x

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