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for Mechanical Delinquents

7/28 c1 Bubbles87
This is so true. Amazing. Thank you for sharing. Not a lot of people think the way you do and it's refreshing. You show bravery in sharing this poem.

It's like a retail job: smile and make people feel welcome. It's definitely harder for conformists to just conform - I feel that unfortunately, some even begin to conform. Most people don't think about life; they just do things and have no thought process. They don't question things. I've always wondered what it's like being outside the box, like you. It seems easier, doesn't it?
6/5/2020 c1 1Slackin Snarlos
Nicely encapsulated. Welcome to Society; where we condemn your thoughts and behaviours of the everyday citizens that are completely normal. Dare to dream, dare to be questioning or confrontational and you will be deemed unstable. Yet society say that is OK to have the same qualities, if you have a degree or two. Then your line of questions are scientific and interesting. Comply to the rules in which its OK for corporations and people in power to steal, squander and lie without even hiding it and still they go unpunished. Life is easier if you just comply and say yes, yes , yes and turn off your emotions...who knows, it might even get you a Promotion. Fall in line soldier.

Great Poem with so many layers. It is mind boggling and thought provoking to say the least. I feel her pain.

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