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for Slowin' Down

6/10/2020 c1 49Woedin
A very interesting form "Etheree". Not only did you work your poem up from the traditional one to ten here. But your piece managed it's way back down by its ending as well. Bet that took some time to puzzle through, truly. And to yet tell a coherent story at the same time, very nice. You have intrigued me with this poetic style you've now tackled twice. "Well done." This reminds me a great deal of "Concrete poetry" a style that forms pictures from the lines related to the poem itself. I've seen a few such poems about winter that looked like a Snowman, or a Christmas tree, and a large snowflake. All made from the offerings given sentence location. I've tried it a few times to create one myself, but haven't pulled it off so far. Congratulations on your successful efforts though friend. ~And do keep writing~
6/9/2020 c1 1gigikelly1005
This is too sweet! ...Really gives me some nostalgic vibes.

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