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for Liberty's Death

8/18 c1 11Octavio
Completely agree with what you said here. Cleverly put in the form of a simple, yet powerful poem. Good Job.
7/18 c1 2Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn
Profound words spoken well ... Not sure I would agree with every aspect of your thoughts penned to page, because it would take some conversation with you to ferret what I may be misunderstanding or failing to grasp ...

But ... I do believe I get your drift and with the drift I do agree, wholeheartedly ...

Those who destroy history have no future left them but more destruction.

Progress is not always beneficial.

The truth we are sold is not always based upon facts.

History only repeats itself when fools reign.

The perfect society is something to be ever sought after, but never attained unto.

There are those whom I term as Intelligently Stupid.

Those who are ruled by emotion are ruled by others who control those emotions.

Sometimes, when we look for an attack upon American sovereignty from left, in always having been trained and conditioned to look only left, a covert infiltration of invasion forces will organize themselves to the right and overrun your nation and government in transforming freedoms and rights thought to have been possessed into elusive dream shadows of what once was before that day when one's nation suddenly became a Police State ruled and run by a euphemistic term called soft Fascism, a threat to freedom every iota as dangerous as unbridled Socialism and/or Communism ...

Thank you for sharing. As you can tell your words have inspired me to wordiness ...

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn
7/17 c1 2AndWeAllFall
I love this, and it's so true :(

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