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for 25 Things That I Love About Myself

8/9 c1 5SirMycroft
A friend recently asked me what I love most about myself, and I was completely stumped for an answer(they eventually had to provide one for me haha). It's not that I think I'm a bad person, though I do make mistakes. It's more that I think I'm undeserving of happiness, or that I don't deserve to have good things happen to me.

I'm glad you found reasons to love and appreciate yourself though, it always helps to see the happiness of others when you have such a hard time finding your own. Definitely a good and inspiring piece of writing. Keep up the good work.
7/17 c1 19Ckh
Hello there!

I think that most people would be hard pressed to come up with five qualities they unabashedly love about themselves, let alone twenty five. Kudos to you, really.
7/2 c1 40Woedin
So reflective in the telling, it's a true pleasure to meet you with this offering. And as mirrors go, very intriguing and descriptive. ~Salutations~
7/1 c1 249Synthey
I find this a great wholesome idea, especially for boosting self confidence and practising self love! Keep it up!
7/1 c1 87Cynthia Brent
This is an amazing piece of writing! I really struggle to find the positive in myself and this beautiful passage has inspired me to look at my writing in a different way. I definitely hope to read more like it! The only problem I noted is that I think #12 got cut off and wasn't fully visible. But this is a great list!

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