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4/19/2021 c1 Guest
Hi i'm Shaeril McBrown

i need help

i'm being harassed by a teacher named Lisa Ware-Krantz

she is a 49 year old pedophile

she flames me on my fanfiction account and calls my stories pigshit

she sends me death threats through emails and text messages

she rapes me and tells me to kill myself

i want to kill myself so she can't bully me anymore

please help me report her!

she lives at 3662 Juniper Hills Drive, Rockwall, Texas 75032

her phone numbers are 972-771-0893 and 214-437-0250

her emails are lwarekrantz at hotmail dot com and lisa dot ware hyphen krantz at rockwallisd dot org

she works at rockwall-heath high school

they have an anonymous tip line where you can complain about her

here’s the site:

www dot rockwallisd dot com/Page/10702

i tried using it but i can't get a response

i don't know what else to do

please make her leave me alone
4/14/2021 c1 lucia1156
The story is powerful, I like how it was presented. Good job writer! If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on NovelStar, just submit your story to or
7/25/2020 c1 STEVEN
You should learn how to describe what people look like without listing everything. It's boring to read. Paint a picture instead of listing details. Don't be afraid of the word "said." You use like a billion different words and it feels silly. You also use exposition way too much. It feels childish.
I really like the idea. It reads like a Saturday morning cartoon which is cool. The narration is just kind of lacking. Maybe read some books that have a little more meat to them to learn how to write. Or maybe this is for children, I don't know.
7/5/2020 c1 Freeman The Storymaker
Hmm, this is a good story. Very impressive.

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