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for Admiration From Afar

7/15/2020 c1 265Synthey
This piece is very attractive, not sure if the use of clever rhymes had anything to do with it, but in a sense it 'pulls' the reader in its world really well!
7/10/2020 c1 48Woedin
I do so hope you get to experience first hand that beauty you speak of in your touching poem my friend. For being far enough away from shore and getting to see only the ocean around you, horizon to sky is quite the profound moment, even a photo just can't replicate. "Or is for me every time, even after years of such fortunate vista's." I think the view after reaching the summit of a high mountain, or what it must be like to look back on the earth from space, would be comparable. Although I've only had the honor to do one of these three things. I believe I'd have all those same feelings again if I'm ever blessed to get that chance to do the others one day. "Bucket list" Don't let fear stop you from realizing a dream, but don't ignore the fear either. Its just such respect that stops us from doing reckless things that could bring us harm. So it's truly a useful emotion to acknowledge. Study, prepare, and equip as you would with any difficult task, and you can accomplish any dream given time. As always, I do love the imagery you paint with your words. Reading this offering made me smile, and remember fondly my first voyage, And for that I thank you.
7/5/2020 c1 1Q. E. Westwood
Great work, keep it up! (But I think you meant to say “yearn,” not “yarn.”)

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